California Mishegoss

By Mark & Patti Clifford

We search multiple California sites to bring you a selection of series we felt were worth sharing every Saturday Morning.

We search multiple California sites to bring you a selection of series we felt were worth sharing every Saturday Morning.

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California Mishegoss - A Yard for Incarcerated Veterans, When Fries Were Fries

Hello Friends!Here are 8 stories we thought were worth sharing with you for your weekend read.Enjoy!Be Well! Stay Safe!Mark & Patti


California Mishegoss - LA Arms Race, Fresno On Her Mind, The Last Woolworth's Counter

California can't isolate itself, try as it might


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - Changes and What's Coming in 2022

In a country full of "Me" we need to shift that narrative to "We". Chad of the Valley@HarmsWayChadWe hope everyone had a fantastic New Year. Now it's time to get back to things here at California Mishegoss.While I planned on taking some time off due to some m…


California Mishegoss Daily 2 -Out With The Old, In With The New

Out With The Old, In With The NewWe thought we should end the year with a review of the past year. Although every newsletter out there is doing the same thing, we've never been one to follow the others. So with that thought, we will get right into what's plan…


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - A Hidden Camera, A Cold Case Solved and the Last Gift Guide

Good Evening Friends!Just a quick note. I'm starting my break early. This will be the last issue for the year. Due some unexpected health concerns I'm in need of a little more time for myself and the family. We'll be back in 2022, promise!Enjoy this last edit…


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - Are You Moving In or Out of California? New Parks in California

artist illustrates culture, Los Angeles, and Mexico through paintings, videos, and sculptures


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - Veggie Gift Guide, Theranos, SF's Oldest Hip Film

How one of SF’s oldest hit films helps a neighborhood corner store survive


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - VW Bus Trend, Two Women Missing, Gifts for Sleeping

'Missing puzzle piece': California woman disappears after trip to Costco


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - Northern Towns to Visit, Venice Beach Basketball Courts, Gift for Co-Workers or the Boss

Inside the World of Venice Beach's Legendary Basketball Courts


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - Undersea Adventures in Monterey Bay, SantaCon, Noodles!

I got dragged to my first San Francisco SantaCon


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - Teens Wonder Who's Next, Composting is Coming to California, Gifts for the Stylish

‘I just wonder who’s next’: six California teens on living amid rising gun violence


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - 5 Miles of Coastline, Small Southern California Towns, More Gifts

Good Evening Friends!How's your holiday shopping going?5 Miles of California Coast Being Saved10 Small Southern California Towns to Check OutGifts for That Person Still Working from HomeBe Well! Stay Safe!Mark & Patti


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - Bart Art, Fortune Cookies, and More Gift Ideas

Good Evening Friends!Changes are coming. Change is good, right? Well, most of the time, change is good. We think the changes coming are pretty good. Stay Tuned!Bart Art! Art Takes Over San Francisco TransitThe Golden Gate Fortune Cookie CompanyGift, Gift, and…


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - Music & Literacy, The Name California, and Stocking Stuffers Under $25

California Is Named for a Griffin-Riding Black Warrior Queen


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - Final Moments Trying to Save Their Baby, Astroworld vs Altamont

Hikers who were found dead in Sierra forest spent final moments trying to save baby, report says


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - More Monarchs, Tainted Grapes Make Vodka, Missing Statue of Liberty

Smoke-tainted California grapes find new life as vodka


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - Phantom Jelly in Monterey, Being a Native American in California, Crows, Crows, & More Crows

Huge Ghostly Giant Phantom Jelly


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - Fighting a Railroad in Mendocino, Meth in Fresno, Ancient Dwelling

In Fresno's meth hell, there's no antidote


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - Delivering Mail in Hell, Oroville Makes a Statement

Bay Area fence that shows how the 1906 earthquake devastated Point Reyes


California Mishegoss Daily 2 - 100,000 Year-Old Tusks, Capitol Record Bldg, Century-Old Hotel in San Francisco

Mammoth Tusks Dating Back to 100,000 Years Ago Unearthed Off the Coast of California