California Mishegoss

By Mark & Patti Clifford

Wondering what to see, eat, and drink in California? Once a week we got you covered!

Wondering what to see, eat, and drink in California? Once a week we got you covered!

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California Mishegoss - Where did The Term “Sugar Daddy” Come From?

Good Day Friends!It’s the weekend and a new month so let’s kick things off with a few announcements.*** We will be highlighting a new vodka out of New Jersey called OVO Vodka. I spoke with one of the owners a week ago and we agreed to help them get the word o…


California Mishegoss - Sink Your Teeth and Thoughts Into Today’s Stuff!

We have something very special coming in the next few weeks. I can’t tell you about it just yet. We are still working out the details, but I pronmise it’ll be exciting. stay Tuned to this category!!!!!!!!


California Mishegoss - Food, Drink, Travel, and Things to Do.

Hi Friends!A couple of things on the horizon you should know about.The California Mishegoss Podcast is almost ready. We’ll keep you updated as to its start date. It won’t be an extension of this newsletter as much as an added part to it. You’ll see what we me…


California Mishegoss - It’s Food, Drink, and Travel Around Our Great State!

Hi Friends!This will be quick. I’m typing with one hand as I continue to recuperate from hand surgery. All is well and we’ll be back in full typing mode next week at 8 am.Be Well! Stay Safe!Mark and Patti!


California Mishegoss - Food Spots, Travel Tips, and Places to Drink

Good Day Friends!I’m writing this on Wednesday since I will be having some minor surgery on my hand on Thursday and most likely won’t be able to type till next week. That’s according to the Dr., but who knows.Anyway enjoy your weekend and week and we’ll see y…


California Mishegoss - A “Cheers” Doughnut Shop in Monterey, Drinks on Roof Tops, A Hidden Park and A Trip to Egypt

Good Day Friends!Hello from Pismo. As you’re viewing this we’re enjoying Pismo Beach for the weekend.I’ll be back next week with more commentary.Today we invite you to take a trip to Egypt via video. Drink on the rooftop bars in Los Angeles, and visit a “Chee…


California Mishegoss - We’re Featuring Central Valley and San Diego This Week

Food, food, food. Where do we start? Moving to California 15 years ago changed my thoughts on food, especially Italian. It seems in California, most Italian restaurants that advertise traditional Italian food fail to mention that it's traditional in a Califor…


California Mishegoss - Heavy Rains in California, Food and Drink Up & down the Coast

It’s All About a Mishegoss Lifestyle!!!


California Mishegoss - For The Runner Out There, A Foor Tour of Gas Stations, Wild Zebras

Good Day Friends!By the time you get this in your inbox Patti and I will be eating breakfast in Pismo Beach. That’s correct we needed a little down time. It’s something we all need from time to time it’s just finding the time to do it.Anyway there’s a bunch t…


California Mishegoss - Best of LA-2022, Puerto Rican Eats in Bay Area, 17 Most Important Vineyards in California

Looking for drink, food, and places to see to end this month? We have some fro you ion today’s newsletter.


California Mishegoss - Tacos from San Francisco to Los Angeles, A 1947 Cadillac with a shower

WITHIN THE FIRST FOUR YEARS of owning his 1947 Cadillac, Louie Mattar had installed a shower (with the water piped around the exhaust manifold to heat it)


California Mishegoss - A Swarm of Monarchs, Best Places to Eat & Drink in Joshua Tree, & Corporate Head in LA

Hey Friends!No issues so far for the weekend with the platform so you should all be getting this on time.We added a video this week of what it would be like to be inside a swarm of Monarch Butterflies! Enjoy. It’s in the travel section under the article about…


California Mishegoss - San Francisco’s Century-Old Diner, Star Wars Filing Locations, Must Try Wineries, Arch of Colonial Trees

Hey Friends!Due to an issue with the Revue platform, we weren’t able to get this newsletter out on time. It seems they have fixed their issue.This is a shortened version since we weren’t ready. We figured this would be a weekend thing, but we still have some …


California Mishegoss-Lifestyle: A Hole in the Wall Coffee Shop in San Francisco, Napa’s Only Tike Bar, Traveling on the 4th

Good Day Friends!Happy 4th of July!There are lots of things going on as you would imagine.So we put together a list of things for this weekend and as always things to do throughout the summer.For example, 15 State Parks you should visit, or a twist on ice cre…


California Mishegoss - Disneyland, Haunted Scottish Castle in San Francisco, Yosemite

Good Morning Friends!This is a shortened newsletter this week because we’re leaving for a little vacation at Pismo Beach. I’ll be posting a video about the trip and food when we get back.We added a new section which has to do with leisure, Music, and Concerts…


California Mishegoss - Travel, Food, Drink, Oh My!

Good Morning Friends!We’re late so we’ll keep this short.Enjoy Your Weekend and Week!Be Well! Stay Safe!Mark & Patti


California Mishegoss - A Hidden Bar, Eating in Oakland, Great Swimming Holes, and More!

Good Day Friends!So much going on for the summer we didn’t want to leave you with anything to do.This list is longer than usual, but there was so much to find and share it could’ve been longer.Enjoy your read today and your weekend!Be Well! Stay Safe! Enjoy Y…


California Mishegoss - Ghost Towns, Food Invented in California, Drinks That Need Drunk!

Good Morning Friends!Another Saturday, another round of things to see, eat and drink. Maybe do all three this weekend if possible.Below find the travel, the drink, and the food we found interesting enough to include this week.Enjoy your weekend!Be Well! Stay …


California Mishegoss - Vegan Pop-Up in LA, PCH Road-trip, Mishegoss Golden Finds

Good Morning Friends!It's been a harrowing week for the most part. We’re at a loss for words that can make this go away or be better. We're not saying this long weekend will help with anxiety, but maybe it's what we need right now besides some togetherness an…


California Mishegoss -LA Mansion That Once House Mickey, Oakland’s Best Burrito, Dos Rios Ranch

Hi Friends!It’s Saturday the 21st of May, but you already know that, don’t you?So what’s in the newsletter today you ask or not ask. We’ll tell you a little.Drinks that aren’t identified with California, but are drinkable in CaliforniaBasque Restaurant in Fre…