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Arnold is Back, Mysterious Murder of Cali Marine, Food, Ocean Cleanup & More...

Hello Friends! Good Evening. It's Thursday, September 13th and the weather here is fantastic for a ch
California Mishegoss
Arnold is Back, Mysterious Murder of Cali Marine, Food, Ocean Cleanup & More...
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #222 • View online
Hello Friends!
Good Evening. It’s Thursday, September 13th and the weather here is fantastic for a change! It seems the heat has left for a few days.
We kick off tonight’s edition with Arnold! Remember “I’m back”? Well sure enough he is, and he’s pro-Fresno State. That’s where Patti and I mentor students involved in the Entrepreneurial Program. It’s one of our fun and new involvements in and around Fresno.
  • We look back at the oil spill of 2015 in Santa Barbara and the effects it has had on the ocean. On Friday a jury found the company whose corroded pipe cause the leak guilt on nine counts.
  • In Mishegoss we posted the story of a mysterious murder of a California Marine Sergeant who was shot in the head last weekend leaving his wife looking for answers.
  • Of course, we covered a couple of food and wine stories. What would you think of us if we didn’t? We didn’t find a good beer story this week, but Mark promised to look deeper for Sunday. Sorry M.G.
  • We’re loaded with culture and living news as well as cannabis news. So take your time on this topics and enjoy the reads.
  • Happenings are always going on, so we covered a couple, and of course, we couldn’t forget Mishegoss going on in this state.

  • Finally, we started something new for tonight’s edition. Where Am I? It’s a game for your brain. Each Thursday we will post an icon photo of a person, place, or thing in California and you’ll have to Sunday to figure out the answer. The Prize! You get bragging rights in knowing the answer. Maybe in the future (if we ever decide to take on ads or charge) we can have a better prize. For now, this one is pretty good.
So that’s it. In between all of these stories are other great stories you should check out and enjoy.
Be Well!
Mark & Patti

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California Mishegoss Files
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Where Am I?
We thought we would try something new. We’re going to post iconic pics of buildings, people, and things related to California each week on Thursday’s.
While we don’t have prizes for the winners yet, you will get the honor of bragging rights to all of your family and friends that you knew the answer.
We’ll give the answer in Sunday’s edition.
Did you enjoy this issue?
Mark & Patti Clifford

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