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California Mishegoss:#569-Marilyn Monroe is Causing a Stir, Firefighting Monks, & Cows are Destroying Marine Ecosystems,

California Mishegoss  Daily  2
California Mishegoss:#569-Marilyn Monroe is Causing a Stir, Firefighting Monks, & Cows are Destroying Marine Ecosystems,
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #569 • View online
Hi Friends!
I mentioned last week about making some changes, and we are. So a major change is coming, and we hope you’ll stick with us as we test it out.
We tested out a texting system for a while and to be honest it just wasn’t working the way we expected. Readers wanted to know more about the story before clicking on it so it defeated the purpose we intended. Our fault.
Starting in July, hopefully, around the first week, we are going daily, Monday thru Friday, but with a twist.
We are going for the concept that less is more when it comes to content. What does that mean?
Here’s the gist. Monday thru Friday, we will publish 1-2 stories a day that we find interesting. They’ll be posted at the end of the day, just like we do now on Thursdays. So by 4 pm, you’ll get what we felt were the top 1-2 alternative news or culture stories for the day.
Why are we going daily? Great question. Originally we were going to go daily and still publish the Thursday long read, but decided it was overkiSo we. We want to get you 1-2 stories Monday thru Friday that will give you something to talk about without having to scan 8-10 stories.
We’ve surveyed some readers, and the response from them was good. They liked the idea of less is more, but more with less. No scanning 8-10 stories just to read one. Now you’ll have 1-2 stories daily to check out when you want.
The Name:
California Mishegoss - The Daily 1-2
We understand if you decide to opt out of our newsletter with this new change, but we’d like you to give it a shot first. We hope you’ll like the new change and continue to support and read our newsletter.
Mark & Patti

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