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California Mishegoss: A Special Announcement!

California Mishegoss  Daily  2
California Mishegoss: A Special Announcement!
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #570 • View online
Hi Friends!
Sorry to bother you on a Sunday, but I wanted to explain something I mentioned in Thursday evening’s newsletter.
I talked about a texting service that I tried, and I felt it didn’t work. The service proved by Subtext works fine and is a fantastic service; it was my fault that it didn’t work for me.
I jumped on the bandwagon before thinking it all out and expected too much. But that’s how I learn most of the time.
David, Aglesia, and the rest of the Subtext team are fantastic. They were great to work with and always had my plans for Subtext in mind. I didn’t think it all out.
I recommend Subtext and especially the team to anyone looking to gain interaction with their followers. I may end up trying it again in the future. I truly believe in the service.
I want to apologize to David and the team for not setting the record straight when I mentioned them in Thursday’s newsletter. Again my fault. Make sure to give them a try if and when you need a service like Subtext.
One last thing. As you know, starting in July, most likely the 6th, I’m taking the Monday after the 4th off; we’ll be going to a daily format with 1-2 posts daily at 4 pm. I trust you’re looking forward to this as much as we are. Just give us a chance; that’s all we ask.
That’s all for now, friends.
Take Care and Stay Safe!
Mark & Patti


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