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California Mishegoss - Alcatraz 59 Years Later, Retracing a Donner Party Path, and More

California Mishegoss
Good Morning Friends!
Here are some stories we felt were worth sharing with you on this Saturday!
  • Murder in Bakersfield and Fresno is more likely than in LA or San Francisco
  • Rattlesnakes being seen in uncommon areas
  • Retracing a Donner Party Path Years Later
Be Well! Stay Safe!
Mark & Patti

Stories Worth Sharing
Why You're Far More Likely to Be Murdered in Fresno or Bakersfield than San Francisco or L.A.
It's been 59 years since the last prisoners left Alcatraz. Here's what that day looked like.
Rattlesnakes are being seen uncommonly early around the Bay Area
The Weekend Read
Retracing a Donner Party Path, Nearly Two Centuries Later
Weekend Stuff To Do
How Linn’s, a restaurant on the Central Coast, turned Cambria into a destination for olallieberries
Ennis House – Los Angeles, California
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