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California Mishegoss - Best of LA-2022, Puerto Rican Eats in Bay Area, 17 Most Important Vineyards in California

California Mishegoss
Hey Friends!
Looking for things to do this weekend? Maybe some dining options like Puerto Rican Food or a Burger King with a view?
Maybe you’re interested in wine? If so we have the 17 most important vineyards in California for you to check out.
If you were a fan of the Golden Girls, there’s a pop-up restaurant opening in LA this weekend that’s all Golden Girls.
So there are so many places for you to eat, drink, visit, and enjoy. So Enjoy!
Be Well! Stay Safe!
Mark & Patti

Pilot Light Cafe offers up a bygone dining experience in Half Moon Bay
The only Puerto Rican restaurant of its kind is opening in the Bay Area
I explored all 14 acres of the new Tunnel Tops park. Here’s what it’s like.
Pacific Park Solar Ferris Wheel – Santa Monica, California
Mt. Hollywood Tunnel – Los Angeles, California
Does this curious spot mark the dividing line between Northern and Southern California?
Methuselah Tree – Big Pine, California
Knott’s Berry Farm's ghost town event is the most fun I’ve had at a California theme park
The 17 Most Important California Vineyards That Wine Lovers Need to Know
Whiskey Festival Series Los Angeles Magazine
It’s a Mishegoss Lifestyle!
A 'Golden Girls'-Themed Restaurant Will Open In Los Angeles This Weekend
Best of L.A. 2022: Eat, Play, Love What We Picked For This Year's List
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Mark & Patti Clifford
Mark & Patti Clifford @markjohn1

Wondering what to see, eat, and drink in California? Once a week we got you covered!

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