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California Mishegoss Daily 2 - Groundwater Law=Well Issues Still, 41 Questions About Technology

California Mishegoss  Daily  2
California Mishegoss Daily 2 - Groundwater Law=Well Issues Still, 41 Questions About Technology
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #605 • View online
Good Evening Friends!
Yesterday we posted a story about the California Prisons and things going on there. It struck a negative chord with some of our readers, and for that, we’re sorry. The thing is, we are not here to censor news stories. We want you to read what others are either afraid to post or just get missed by the headlines. That’s why we called this newsletter California Mishegoss. Mishegoss is Yiddish for insane, crazy, and mad. which could either mean the story itself, what’s being thought about from people involved in it or outside of it, or something unrelated.
We are not an editorial newsletter. We find what we feel is news that needs to be read and start conversations.
Again our apologies if we upset some readers by posting that story yesterday. There will always be stories that will upset others. That wasn’t our intention. Just know we will never censor the news when we find it. There’s enough of that going on already.
Now on with tonight’s news.
  1. I read this post the other day on another newsletter site that had me thinking and still does. I thought you might enjoy these 41 questions about technology by L.M. Sacasas. There’s a podcast that goes along with it.
  2. 7 years ago, California enacted a groundwater law. It’s not working.
Be Well! Stay Safe! Have a Great Weekend!
Mark & Patti

California enacted a groundwater law 7 years ago. But wells are still drying up — and the threat is spreading
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The Questions Concerning Technology - by L. M. Sacasas
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