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California Mishegoss Daily 2 - Places to See Before You Die, Condors "Virgin Births", Ghost Towns

California Mishegoss
Good Evening Friends!
Happy Early Halloween!
  • Tonight I posted in ‘My Pick Tonight’ two stories. One I wrote about Fresno and the other about some places to check out in Vermont. I’ve been to a few of them in Vermont and most of the spots I list in the Fresno piece. Enjoy the reads!
  • We’re learning more and more about condors every day. Now we have proof that they can have “virgin births.” Check out what researchers are saying.
  • Ghost towns up your alley. We have another one for tonight’s edition. It’s a bit north of San Francisco, and it might be a trip worth taking, or not!
Be Well Stay Safe! Don’t Eat Too Much Candy!
Mark & Patti

Eerie remnants of a ghost town lurk within this California forest
Study finds California condors can have “virgin births”
My Pick Tonight
This is a little self-promotion if you don’t mind. I wrote the piece below a while back and then I saw the piece about Vermont and just thought they should go together for this Halloween. Enjoy the read!
Things to do in Fresno before you're dead
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Mark & Patti Clifford
Mark & Patti Clifford @markjohn1

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