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California Mishegoss for Tuesday Evening, October 30th - Issue #242

We're testing something new in the title this week. We're going with just our name, date, and issue n
California Mishegoss
California Mishegoss for Tuesday Evening, October 30th - Issue #242
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #242 • View online
We’re testing something new in the title this week. We’re going with just our name, date, and issue number.
We’re back from a great time with family, friends, and our son Andrew who turned 21. We cooked enough food to feed an army as most Sicilians do. We had sausage & peppers, pasta fazool, homemade Sicilian bread, salad, deserts galore all under the theme of Star Wars, our son’s favorite film and mine if I must say. Patti handled the decorations with our daughter Lisa, and they did a fantastic job. Everyone there loved the theme, the candy treats for the adults and the gift packs for the kids that came. I must admit we did a great job!!!
Anyway, here we are in a new week with Halloween on Wednesday. Get your bags of treats ready, so you don’t get tricks.
Have a great week!
Be Well,
Mark & Patti

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