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California Mishegoss - Issue #248-Special Fire Edition Continued

Hello Friends! It's Sunday, November, 11th. We're continuing coverage of the devastating fires going
California Mishegoss
California Mishegoss - Issue #248-Special Fire Edition Continued
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #248 • View online
Hello Friends!
It’s Sunday, November, 11th.
We’re continuing coverage of the devastating fires going on right now just till I get my feet back on the ground from our little trip (more on that below). We’ll be back to Central Vally Life on Tuesday!
First, we want to apologize for running late today. Patti and I took a well-deserved break yesterday by traveling to the coast to our favorite get-away, Cayucos. A three-hour trip can do wonders to the brain as well as the smell of the ocean.
Due to that wonderful break, I am recovering from the day of bliss and memories that we had. For me going to the ocean brings back all of my fond memories of growing up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts as well as living later in life on Long Island, NY.
With all of that in mind, we wanted to give you a little insight into what our plans are for this newsletter as we move forward. To do that we aren’t going to do it all today. It’s going to take us a few editions to cover everything we have planned for the new year, which is right around the corner.
One of our goals for 2019 is to grow our reach. To be transparent, right now we have 31 subscribers. Of those subscribed about 9-10 people (roughly 30%) open our newsletter whenever published. Which according to statistics those numbers are pretty good. Of course, it’s based on only 31 subscribers, not 3100 or 31,000 or more.
We average a click rate of about 20-25%. Again according to statistics that’s okay. Everything is relative of course. We’re happy with what happens with our loyal followers/readers, but we would enjoy growing, and that’s where you come in. 
In the coming weeks, we will continue asking for your help by asking you to share our newsletter on social platforms as well as to your family and friends only if you feel they will get something worthwhile form our newsletter. We’ll leave that up to you.
Our newsletter is a labor of love for Patti and me, and we are thankful for everyone who reads and enjoys the newsletter now. We’re ready to grow and get our newsletter out to more people who live in the Central Valley or who want to learn more about this magnificent valley.
We’ll give you more on Tuesday of what we have planned for the future of content in the newsletter and more on how you can help us in the coming weeks as we prepare for 2019.
Thanks and be well!
Mark & Patti

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Mark & Patti Clifford

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