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California Mishegoss - Issue #338: Don't Retire in California, PETA in Bakersfield, Going Meatless, The Madonna Inn, 40-Year-Old Robbery & More

Good Evening Friends! Two announcements before we get into tonight's edition if you don't mind? #1. O
California Mishegoss
California Mishegoss - Issue #338: Don't Retire in California, PETA in Bakersfield, Going Meatless, The Madonna Inn, 40-Year-Old Robbery & More
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #338 • View online
Good Evening Friends!
Two announcements before we get into tonight’s edition if you don’t mind?
#1. One of our favorite writers and newsletter publishers whom I have mentioned before has made some changes. M.G. Siegler has switched his newsletter over to a new platform and new style. It looks great, and I believe you’ll like it. It even has a new name that fits his blog name of “500ish”. The newsletter is called “5ish,” and you can subscribe (which I suggest you do) here “5ish”!
#2. We’ve made a few changes here also. We changed the category titles to fit more in line in making our stories not only stand out but our newsletter easier to navigate.
So now there’s The Valley, The Coast, The Rest, The Mishegoss, and somewhere in between the special stories of the day, like today’s Food for Thought!
We’ve also changed the layout for pictures. We are now only going to post the full-frame for the top story of its section. I hope this helps with some of the complaints I have received about opening our newsletter on specific browsers.
The Top Stories:
  • PETA in Bakersfield at The Living Museum
  • Attempting to go Meatless
  • Visiting The Madonna Inn on Route 1
  • Don’t Retire in California
  • A 40-Year-Old Robbery
Let us know by a thumbs up or down what you think of the new layout. We would be thankful for the input.
Also, without you as readers, we wouldn’t be publishing this newsletter, so we thank you very much for supporting us. We’d like to ask a favor of you if you don’t mind? If you’re enjoying reading this newsletter as much as we enjoy publishing it, we would appreciate it if you would share this newsletter with others. A huge thank you if you’ve already done that or do that in the future.
Be Well,
Mark & Patti

The Valley
PETA calls out three animal deaths at California Living Museum
New California budget lets students attend community college free for 2 years |
Pamela Hadfield, HelloMD Founder, Tests Cannabis On John Muir Trail | KCBS 740AM | 106.9 FM
Food for Thought
Trying to Go Meatless? Try These 5 SF Restaurants | Bay Area Bites | KQED Food
The Coast
Why You Should Visit The Madonna Inn, California's Queen of the Theme Hotels
Central Coast Events for July 10-14 – On the 101
The Rest
California ranks as one of the worst states to retire, report says
California Coast Disappearing Amid Rising Sea Levels
The History and Revival of Southern California's Aerospace Industry | KCET
The Mishegoss
40 Years Later, the Aftermath of a Deadly Bank Robbery Still Lingers in a Small SoCal City
We ran the story about James Savage a couple of edition ago, but we felt we needed to run it one more time after this honor he received this week. Enjoy the read!
We at @ABC30 were honored to present him with an honorary @ESPYS award for all his triumphs today!
At 12 years old, Los Banos native keeps breaking records in the water |
A show like no other in Monterey Bay. We thought it was worth the watch. Imagine catching the site of a humpback whale breaching the water 30 times.
Humpback Whale Calf Breaches Over 30 Times
Humpback Whale Calf Breaches Over 30 Times
Did you enjoy this issue?
Mark & Patti Clifford

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