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California Mishegoss - We’re Featuring Central Valley and San Diego This Week

California Mishegoss
Good Morning Friends!
We thought we would take a trip through the Central Valley and San Diego since most of the time we’re covering the Bay area and LA. It’s time to give some views of the Central Vally where we are located and San Diego.
So enjoy and make some plans to eat, drink, and travel.
Be Well! Stay Safe!
Mark & Patti

Food, food, food. Where do we start? Moving to California 15 years ago changed my thoughts on food, especially Italian. It seems in California, most Italian restaurants that advertise traditional Italian food fail to mention that it’s traditional in a California Way.
Not that that’s bad, but for a guy from the east coast, it took some getting accustomed to.
I’m doing good so far, but I still am changing as the years go on. 
Hopefully, the stories below provide you with some great dining places in the Central Valley and San Diego. 
I may have to make some personal recommendations in another newsletter.
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As always Patti and I thank you for reading this newsletter. We know we keep changing things up, but change is good. Right?
Travel isn’t easy for us. When we do get to travel, it’s usually to the coast. Patti’s company keeps her busy on weekdays and some weekends. 
The two places I enjoy visiting on the coast are Cayucos and Pismo, although Pismo is a relatively new spot for us.
Patti’s been going there for years since she’s a native of Fresno, but for me, it’s only been this year that we’ve spent a great deal of time in Pismo.
I’ve even written some reviews of restaurants and places to check out in Pismo on the app NewsBreak which you can get on your iPhone, Android phone, or computer.
Of course. Pismo and Cayucos are for another newsletter as we’re concentrating on the Central Valley and San Diego, which I suggest you visit soon.
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As for drinking, I would love to say we are experts in wine and beer tasting, but we’re not. Although that doesn’t mean we don’t keep an eye on the beer goings on, as in craft breweries opening up in the Central Valley. Just in Fresno and Clovis alone, there is almost a craft brewery on every corner. Well, not as bad as Starbucks or McDonald’s, but I have to say it’s getting there.
Don’t be afraid to check out the local wineries and beer halls in the Central Valley and San Diego.
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