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Celebrate Surfing, Mosquito's, Illegal Pop-Up Restaurants, and More

It's Thursday, August 23rd, and I'm late. Sorry for being tardy on getting this out. I actually thoug
California Mishegoss
Celebrate Surfing, Mosquito's, Illegal Pop-Up Restaurants, and More
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #213 • View online
It’s Thursday, August 23rd, and I’m late.
Sorry for being tardy on getting this out. I actually thought today was Wednesday.
So in keeping this short, sweet, and to the point, here’s all the stories we felt were worth sharing today.
Be Well and see you Sunday!
Mark & Patti

Off The 5
Detectives: Central California Girl, 15, Had Set Up Pot Shop In Bedroom « CBS Sacramento
The 101 to the 1 and Beyond
Southern California coast emerges as a toxic algae hot spot: New research shows domoic acid from ocean algae is a growing problem -- ScienceDaily
Food, Wine, & Beer
Pop-Up Restaurants Illegal in California, Nokni Shut Down at The Kebabery - Eater SF
California Culture & Living
Officials says activity exemplifies living ‘California Dream’ | The Columbian
California Cannabis
How the growth of the marijuana industry impacts the environment •
California Happenings
OpenTable's List of the Most Scenic Restaurants in the Country | Food & Wine
California Mishegoss Files
The Iconic Photos That Define L.A. Los Angeles Magazine
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