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Ché, Flipper, Robots, Solar, Bosses, and more

Hi everyone and welcome to your Sunday newsletter once again. Sunday is that day most of us dread bec
California Mishegoss
Ché, Flipper, Robots, Solar, Bosses, and more
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #151 • View online
Hi everyone and welcome to your Sunday newsletter once again. Sunday is that day most of us dread because it’s our last chance before Monday to enjoy, right? It can either be the end of a great weekend or the beginning of a great week. It’s all about how you look at it.
Today we want to ask you some questions about this newsletter. We’ve grown slowly over the past two years and we question ourselves often as to what is next? Just last week we discussed closing down the newsletter due to our growth, but then we see some of you opening every newsletter here and on Medium and we go back to the drawing board to make it better next time. We don’t want to quite when you seem to enjoy our work.
But there comes a time when we need to ask our readers how can we be better? What would you like to see more or less of? There has to be something you like or don’t like?
When we look at our stats, we can see a bunch of you who open the newsletter all the time. Then there are some who never open the newsletter and in most cases like us you’re getting swamped with newsletters and there just isn’t enough time. That’s when we wonder about what we could do to entice you to open our newsletter?
Is isn’t something we take lightly. We take time in finding the stories we post. We don’t just jump at anything. We could, but we don’t. We want you to find quality posts on our newsletter so you’ll keep following and reading us. We stay away from the main stream news because it’s all over and we don’t want to be just doing the same stuff. We strive to be different and we think we are. Do you think we are?
So we need your input this week. Take your time and really think about what we can do to make this newsletter better for you and others? We want you to tell us what we can do that would want you to share this newsletters with friends so we can grow? We don’t take ads. We don’t have a sponsor and we never try to sell anything with the newsletter. That’s our promise! We try to bring you stories that aren’t on the radar we think should be. Maybe not everyone, but most of them are worth a look.
Have a great Sunday and new week. We’ll be waiting to read your comments.
Mark & Patti

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Mark & Patti Clifford

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