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Cold Case Viral on Twitter, Food, Obon & Summer Festivals, and more

It's Tuesday, July 10th and we're on a roll again. Yup! We're going to try something new again. As we
California Mishegoss
Cold Case Viral on Twitter, Food, Obon & Summer Festivals, and more
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #194 • View online
It’s Tuesday, July 10th and we’re on a roll again.
Yup! We’re going to try something new again. As we stated we are still trying to find that magic niche, that keeps you reading our newsletter while we also attract new readers.
To do that we’re always searching for the right content to post. The other day I spent the day scouring Google Trends. Not that it’s the best source of information, but it isn’t bad.
What we found is that there a lot of people wanting to know more about California and the coastal communities than anything else. I guess people are into the ocean and the lifestyle surrounding it just like we are.
I remember as a kid always reading about California and the beaches, girls, surfing, and just hanging out on them. Being from the east coast I had my share of hanging at the coast for years even living on the beach for a while. 
The lure of California though was always in the back of my mind. So after reading those Google trends and seeing that many people in California and around the world like to know the same thing I do, the lifestyle of the coastal communities here in California.
So starting Thursday we will be concentrating on the coastal communities here in California. That means stories on culture, lifestyle, and more from Ventura to Half-Moon Bay and everything in between.
Let us know your thoughts after checking out the first issue on Thursday. Whether you like it or not let us know, we can handle it. Just use the little thumbs up or down below and you can even leave a detailed message if you want? I will write back.
Be Well
Mark & Patti

Photo by Paul Jimerson
Yesterday I met on Twitter a photographer from Santa Cruz, California by the name of Paul Jimerson (click his name to see his photos). He had retweeted one of my stories I had posted about Monterey and Plastic Straws. This retweet led to a conversation with him and my viewing of some of his work. The photos were fantastic and I wanted to share them with you since we are embarking on a new direction with coastal communities.
I plan to post a picture of his in every newsletter. Through his photos and our words, I hope you get to feel and appreciate this beautiful coast the way we do.
Surfer-Curl Wipeout
Surfer-Curl Wipeout
N, S, E, & W of the Central Valley
This California town will give a $500 monthly stipend to residen - Arizona's Family
Food, Wine, & Beer
Food expo will pick top items. Walnut butter from Hughson? Plum sauce from Patterson? | The Modesto Bee
Where to Get Free Pizza in L.A. Tomorrow, Thanks to LeBron | Food & Wine
Splash Around in Some Water at These 6 L.A. Parks
The Mishegoss Files
How a California 45-year-old cold case went viral on Twitter - The San Diego Union-Tribune
This Day in History
Hotels in 1875
The Arlington, Santa Barbara’s first tourist hotel, was completed. The three-story, 90-room palatial hotel was located on State Street between Victoria and Sola streets. It burned on August 15th, 1909, was rebuilt then destroyed in an earthquake (1925).
Blanc in 1989
Mel Blanc, comic and voice actor, died in Los Angeles at age 81. Known as the “man of a thousand voices,” including for Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Sylvester and Tweety, Tazmanian Devil, Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner. 
Mel Blanc, The Man of 1000 Voices [1981] - AMAZING TALENT !! - YouTube
Mel Blanc, The Man of 1000 Voices [1981] - AMAZING TALENT !! - YouTube
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