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Dad Hacks, Pollution Popsicles, Silly Putty, Ants, and more

Welcome to Sunday. The beginning of a new week for many of us. But, don't let tomorrow scare you one
California Mishegoss
Dad Hacks, Pollution Popsicles, Silly Putty, Ants, and more
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #139 • View online
Welcome to Sunday. The beginning of a new week for many of us. But, don’t let tomorrow scare you one iota. It’s only another day, and we talked about that last week in a podcast. Listen here.
I’m sure you’ve heard that many times so why don’t we only into today’s stuff? 
On the political front there is enough on Twitter and the news platforms to keep you reading for years to come which is why we don’t cover that stuff. We cover the better stuff, at least as far as we are concerned. Wouldn’t you agree?
Like for instance, ants. Who thought fire ants could be so cunning and dangerous. Just delve into the two articles we posted today about the fire ants in Texas. Not only do they live in the Great State of Texas where everything is bigger, they float around the streets right now like they own them which for right now they do. They’re not the kind of ants I want around my house or neighborhood. How About You ?
Then there’s water. Water pollution, water with natural drugs, lithium to be exact and more. Now there is nothing wrong with lithium in the right does. There is a bunch of little towns and cities throughout the US whose drinking water has lithium in it and they have a storieslow crime rate. Yes, “It’s the Water”, just like Olympia Brewing stated long ago.
The rest of the newsletter is full of stories we feel you should know about. They may not be the most important stories going on around us, but we feel they deserve to be seen and read. Commenting on them is a bonus and you can do that by clicking on the thumbs up or down. That little action keeps us updated about your taste, thoughts, and opinions.
Thanks for clicking.
Have aa fantastic Sunday and Holiday!

Mark & Patti

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