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Deadliest Highways, Rescue, Science Fiction History in SoCal, & More

It's Tuesday, August 7th and we need a little help from you. We posted a survey containing 5 questio
California Mishegoss
Deadliest Highways, Rescue, Science Fiction History in SoCal, & More
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #206 • View online
It’s Tuesday, August 7th and we need a little help from you.
We posted a survey containing 5 questions relating to our publishing schedule and our content. It should take about 2 minutes if that. Please help us to make for a better reading experience! Thanks!
Today we only posted one story for each category. Along with the survey how do you feel about just one story for each topic? You can let us know your feelings by clicking the thumbs up or down (at the bottom of the newsletter) and you can even leave a message if you want.
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Off The 5
Culture, stories, and mishegoss rom the deserts in the south to the mountains in the north.
Which California highways are the most dangerous in the US? | The Tribune
The 101 to the 1 and Beyond
Culture, stories, & mishegoss from the oceans, shores, & cities where surfing, skateboarding, and The Beach Boys started it all.
Child, father rescued in Half Moon Bay CA after cliff fall | The Tribune
Cannabis News
California company says it's created an instant marijuana breath test device | MPR News
Happenings Around the State
It’s tough keeping up with everything going on. We pick a few each time we post. Keep checking here for things to do.
Upcoming Music Festivals in California  | SD Entertainer Magazine
California Mishegoss Files
This is the category you’ve been looking for. Stories of the insane and sane. The mad and the un-mad. The crazy and the non-crazy. All the good & bad is posted here.
‘Dreaming The Universe’: Diving into Southern California’s rich science fiction history - Angelus News - Multimedia Catholic News
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