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Doc's, Sicily, Sharks, Rhino's, Invisible Poetry, and More

Wow! This week just flew by. We don't about you, but it felt like we missed a lot this week with ever
California Mishegoss
Doc's, Sicily, Sharks, Rhino's, Invisible Poetry, and More
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #129 • View online
Wow! This week just flew by. We don’t about you, but it felt like we missed a lot this week with everything going on in the world. We are smack dab in the middle of school starting in this area and our grandkids preparing for next week, their first week of school and the first week of Mark teaching again. He’s been off all summer, so it’s time to get to work.
How about you and your little ones? Has school started for you and them? Be honest when school starts it isn’t just about the kids getting out of your hair. It’s also about the parents shopping for school clothes and supplies. Then there’s the dropping off and picking up if there aren’t buses in your area. Never mind the after-school activities like band, sports and cheerleading. The list goes on!
After careful consideration of our idea about a pop-up newsletter and podcast we are now having second thoughts. See we are always considering change in our world. Maybe it’s Mark ADHD and maybe it isn’t, but it keeps us on our toes he gets to thinking about change.
Two readers commented about the pop-up idea and while they thought it wasn’t a bad idea, they all stated the same thing which is they like the newsletter coming four (4) days a week. They also liked the diversity of the letter and the amount of stories which has been a concern for us for a while.
Choosing the right amount of content and the type of content is a daily challenge for us. When we go to publish we never know if we put enough or too much into the newsletter for you to take in? What we try to do is give a good balance of stories we read in the news that aren’t being as sourced as we think they should be. We’ve experimented with the number of stories and while we don’t have an exact number yet we feel we are doing okay right now.
You have a say in this as well. If you would like to see more or less stories, let us know in the comments section. Types of stories is also a concern and we love hearing from you what you would like to see more or less of. It doesn’t cost a thing to tell us your thoughts, promise. At least not yet!
Have a great rest of the week and enjoy your weekend. We’ll see you Sunday!
Mark, Patti & Team

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I'm Testing This App Out.
We don’t normally promote apps on this newsletter just because we don’t want anyone thinking we have a vested interest in the app, but this one raised awn eyebrow or two the other day.
So we thought we would give Mark the task of trying this out. He does like his bed so what better way to get some exercise and never have to travel to far to get it.
We’ll let you know the results of his trial in a few days. Till then check it out.
This app wants you to wake up by turning your bed into a gym
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