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Elvis, Farming, Monsanto, Aging Well, and Alcohol

Yes! We missed yesterday so don't think you didn't get a newsletter. We took the day off for a back t
California Mishegoss
Elvis, Farming, Monsanto, Aging Well, and Alcohol
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #132 • View online
Yes! We missed yesterday so don’t think you didn’t get a newsletter. We took the day off for a back to school meeting. 
What are you biggest issues that need to be dealt with today? Pick the biggest one you can come up with and then we want you to try this.
Take that big issue and break it down to bite size issues. Issues that can be dealt with easier than dealing with one big issue. Just make sure the little issues are all tied to the bigger issue of the day otherwise this exercise in patience and persistence won’t work.
In the end isn’t that what an issue is all about, persistence in resolving it and patience to resolve it? Once all of that comes together the issue or issues littlego away. So it make sense to tackle the bigger issue on a smaller scale by resolving each stepexercise.
This doesn’t always work and most times you’ll not have the time it takes to do this, but overall we have found that in our work and people we have talked with in other fields have been able to use this process and effectively get to a solution before anything escalates from it.
Issue in life need understanding. They need to be taken apart and analyzed before you react. Sometimes it’s that quick reaction that causes an issue to be bigger than it fieldsis. A quick reaction is normal escalatesand that’s the rub. We need to slow down and smell the roses as they say. Or maybe we need to just count to 100 before we react. It may take a count to 1,000 sometimes, but whatever number you use as a guide we guarantee it will slow you down a little to understand the issue first and foremost before reacting.
It’s up to you now to practice this and let us know what your thoughts are. Maybe you have a better way in dealing with issues and we would enjoy hearing them so we can share them with our readers. So comment away by clicking on the thumbs up or down. You can also click on those icons to let us know what you think about our newsletter.
Have a great Wednesday and see you Sunday!
Mark & Patti

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