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Facebook, Red Wine, Brian Wilson Band & more

So Facebook isn't good for us? Like we didn't know already, but now from the mouth of the former Pres
California Mishegoss
Facebook, Red Wine, Brian Wilson Band & more
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #157 • View online
So Facebook isn’t good for us? Like we didn’t know already, but now from the mouth of the former President, Sean Parker it’s confirmed. We wonder if he’ll get banned from Facebook as punishment by his buddy Zuck?
Facebook has been the bane of many people. People have divorced because of it. People have been caught by police, turned themselves in on Facebook, and it helped with the elections, but not in a good way.
So what’s your take on Facebook and how it has affected your life?
Dr. Oz who we don’t have a lot of confidence in, but every so often has wise words of health wisdom has come out and endorsed in a small way Costco Chicken. We enjoy buying that cooked bird every so often. It makes for a great meal and it saves a night of cooking for Mark. The chicken has all of this flavor and now we know why. Will that stop you from buying it?
Red wine is in the news again and it’s all good. Mark’s attitude about drinking red wine after hearing from his Doctor that it would be good for his heart to have a glass each night is as he has stated over and over, “if it’s that good for me then I’ll drink a bottle a night and be real healthy.” We don’t think that’s what the Doc had in mind Mark.
Do you drink red wine? If so do you have a story to tell about how it has affected your health or driving ability?
Have you ever wondered what it is about grass fed beef that is special? Well we covered that this week and also we covered the saving of a beluga whale we felt you should read about.
Enjoy sour Sunday and see you next week!
Mark & Patti

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Patti and I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Bob Lizik, the bass player for The Brian Wilson Band. You remember Brian Wilson right? You know, The Beach Boys!!!!
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What I'm Working On
I’m posting a picture a day for the next 30 days like this one. follow along at the link below.
day 5 of the photo a day for 30 days series – CROSSIN(G)ENRES
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