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Free Public Libraries Need You, Now!

And we're changing again. That's right after careful review we've decided to go to two day a week, Tu
California Mishegoss
Free Public Libraries Need You, Now!
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #138 • View online
And we’re changing again. That’s right after careful review we’ve decided to go to two day a week, Tuesday’s and Sunday’s. We were going to go with two days during the week like Tuesday and Thursday, but we have found that Sunday’s seem to be a good day for our readers to tune in.
When figuring this all out we looked at all the facts out there that say what are the best days to publish a newsletter and what times are good. The results are close to what we have seen with our own publishing schedule, but we went against conventional wisdom and went with four days a week. Probably overkill for many of our readers so here we go with a new plan and we want your opinion on it. You know the routine click on the thumbs up or down. If you feel like leaving a few comments go for that as well.
Being Tuesday we’ll keep this part of the newsletter down to what’s above and this last comment. Yesterday there was a shooting in Clovis, New Mexico at a public library. We still don’t know all the facts yet as we publish the newsletter, but if we hear something before it goes out we will let you know.
We believe in public libraries. We agree that there should be more of them to help kids, young adults and adults get back into the mainstream of life. For some years now everything has been the web. Everything is online. Soon you’ll be able to go to the restroom online. Well, maybe not that, but who knows?
We remember libraries as kids. We remember the excitement of going to the library on a Saturday or after school some days to get books and then later on videos. They were VHS of course which most kids today don’t even know what a VHS Tape is, amazing.
The thrill of walking into a library and knowing you can read anything you wanted. Grab a mystery or a history book. Read the encyclopedia, remember them or go look up a word in the huge dictionary on the stand in the middle of the room. We can still smell that musty order coming off of the dictionary. Do kids even know what that is?
Enjoy the first story about public libraries and support the ones in your area.
Remember we won’t see you till Sunday so hang in there till then!
Mark & Patti

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