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Hunting on the Beaches, Wastewater Wine, Cannabis in Kindergarten, The BIG One, Sea Otters, & More

Good Evening Friends! It's Tuesday, September, 25th First off I apologize for Sunday's newsletter tit
California Mishegoss
Hunting on the Beaches, Wastewater Wine, Cannabis in Kindergarten, The BIG One, Sea Otters, & More
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #227 • View online
Good Evening Friends!
It’s Tuesday, September, 25th
First off I apologize for Sunday’s newsletter title. I forgot to create something unique that tells you what to expect. My bad.
Although simplicity is sometimes best in this world lately, isn’t it? Would you rather see more descriptive titles or just a simple “Issue Number like Sunday?”
Tonight we’re covering nine (9) stories we found of interest and hope you enjoy also.
Imagine a kindergartener being allowed to take cannabis to school? Bringing marijuana to school could be good and bad on all levels, it just depends on how it is handled. We’ll stay on top of this story.
Art is something that helps bring harmony to one and all, and we have a great story on art and culture.
What will happen when the BIG one comes? As in earthquake. Not that it’s happening today, but it is a question one should ask and understand the answers that are being discussed.
Yes! We covered food and wine tonight. We have one story about best places to eat and drink wine in California, and an interesting story of turning wastewater into wine. We’re not sure about that though!
We’ll leave the rest for you to check out. We can’t give you all of the insides. You’ll never keep reading. Enjoy the read.
Be Well and Enjoy!
Mark & Patti

The Arts Have It!
Making the World a Better Place Through Art  - NBC Southern California
Need Money? It's In The Water. Really!
 What was an ATM doing in San Joaquin water? - News - - Stockton, CA
Kinder-Bis Drugs?
Judge: California child can take cannabis drug to school | Merced Sun-Star
When The Moon Hits Your Eye!
Best Restaurants For Wine Lovers In CA: OpenTable's 2018 List | Escondido, CA Patch
There's Gold in Them Thar Beaches!
This Amateur Metal Detectorist Is Fighting Pirates On The Beaches Of Santa Monica: LAist
Tell Me What's Going On?
San Andreas Fault: The Big One Is 'Inevitable'—but What Will Happen When It Hits?
Is Wastewater the New WIne?
Turning Wastewater into Wine in Valle de Guadalupe | Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Want Status?
Could Santa Barbara County regions become status symbols in cannabis market? | Local News |
Don't You Love Adorable? Here It Is All Week!
Guess what? It's Sea Otter Awareness Week!
Did you enjoy this issue?
Mark & Patti Clifford

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