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Ideas, Smoking, Women in Tech, Health, Teas, and more

Welcome to the middle of the week friends. I know it isn't the middle of the week for many as in the
California Mishegoss
Ideas, Smoking, Women in Tech, Health, Teas, and more
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #135 • View online
Welcome to the middle of the week friends. I know it isn’t the middle of the week for many as in the old days, but Wednesday for lack of a better definition is the middle of the week or Hump Day. We like the title middle of the week so we’ll stick with that.
As for what’s happening in the middle of the week, we present this topic for you to think about. IDEAS! Simple one word thought to think about. IDEAS!
While people say ideas are a dime a dozen, we feel ideas each and everyone of them are worth their weight in gold!
How many ideas do you come up with a day? How about in a week or a month? We seem to continually have ideas running through our collective minds on a daily basis, but here’s the thing. No matter how many thoughts we have running around our busy brains we may only put into action one of those ideas. We’re talking getting from idea to its completion 100%.
That doesn’t mean we forget the others. We put them aside for another day because the one or two we choose are the best ones at that moment. The others are never forgotten. We analyze them later on and then if we decide they don’t fit into our world we write them down and file them under future ideas. One never knows when a great idea will become valuable.
The thing is no idea should be thrown away. No idea should be tossed in a basket that gets thrown out. No idea should be burned, mutilated, and or trashed fro any reason because at some point you may want to pursue that idea and if you have it filed, you’re already one step in the right direction.
So hang onto your ideas for however long you want. We suggest you hang onto them till you’re sure you never use that idea. Or you could also recycle it to a family member or friend you feel could use a new idea to work with. It never hurts to share.
Have a great middle of the week and see you tomorrow!
Mark & Patti

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