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It's All Mishegoss - Issue #63

It's that time again, Hump Day here on It's All Mishegoss. I bet you're wondering what goodies I have
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Issue #63
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #63 • View online
It’s that time again, Hump Day here on It’s All Mishegoss. I bet you’re wondering what goodies I have in store for you today? 
I have no idea yet. I am actually typing while I figure out what to post on today’s newsletter. Geesh, I hate pressure.
There is one thing I’d like to write about. It’s a Tweet I posted yesterday that received over 27K impressions. I must admit I was shocked at the response.
I met POTUS years ago when first working in New York. I was impressed by his stature until I saw the light. When I did see the light, it was a reality check.
So I decided yesterday to post my feelings about POTUS with the following.
Trump is the master magician. The best at misdirection and slight of hand!
Enough politics!
Did you know I have a podcast? You bet I do and here is the link.
It’s All Mishegoss (click the name)  **There’s a description below**
Before I go what are your thoughts on empathy in today’s world? My friend Nick Adkins posted a tweet the other day about empathy that I believe is fitting. Although I don’t know how we can fear less with everything going on in this world. Love More is a definite!
*Let me know at and I will use them for this week’s newsletter on Sunday. 

Thoughts on Life from Nick Adkins
Empathy. What if instead of talking, tweeting, & powerpointing about it….we just have it? Love more. Fear less.
Hello George Jetson
Ah! The future is upon us. Imagine being able to avoid traffic jams on the ground only to deal with them in space. Or maybe it’s a Robot named Rosie who really can’t cook for beans. Or maybe it’s beans that she can only cook?
Whatever the future holds for us it should be an interesting ride whether it’s a spaceship or a car that flys. I hope everyone out there around my age, 62 get’s to live long enough to see a little of it.
I Want One!
I Want One!
Speaking of the Future
Could finds of the past bring us more into the future? Anything is possible don’t you think?
It seems everyday scientist are finding more and more about our world that can lead us into the future. New planets, continents and now life. What an amazing world and time we live in.
New find could be oldest evidence of life ever discovered | Ars Technica
Why I Love Bill Nye The Science Guy
Fox News Tucker Carlson implodes as Bill Nye The Science Guy schooled him on climate change
It's All Mishegoss Description
type this link in your browser window.
type this link in your browser window.
It’s All Mishegoss! A weird name right? Mishegoss is Yiddish for insane, madness and crazy. Now that doesn’t mean it’s just bad mishegoss. In many cases, it’s good mishegoss, and my goal is to bring the best of both to you on this podcast.
It’s All Mishegoss is not your ordinary podcast. Remember that the host, me, has a fantastic gift. It isn’t the gift of foresight. It’s the gift of ADHD which for the uninitiated means the podcast can go anyway and every way at any given moment. Makes for a fun time.
The podcast is raw, unedited, unscripted, and down to earth. I talk stories in the news, stories in everyday life and just whatever else I find interesting. I scour the social media, news, and other platforms to find the best in mishegoss for you. So tune in, kick back, enjoy the show and if you do why not subscribe.I will be forever grateful.

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Mark & Patti Clifford

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