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It's All Mishegoss - Issue #65

Here we go, everyone, another Hump Day Edition of It's All Mishegoss. Today is International Women's
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Issue #65
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #65 • View online
Here we go, everyone, another Hump Day Edition of It’s All Mishegoss.
Today is International Women’s Day. Make that special woman in your life feel great, not just good.
During the day how often to you take the time to consider what the woman of your dreams does for you. Hw often during that day to you thank them for their support, influence, skills, and everything else they do for you and anyone else in your family?
There is so much political bull**** on Twitter it makes it hard to find decent stories to share. I understand Twitter is the place, but this political stuff has to go. Although that’s what POTUS wants if you want my opinion?
I think Twitter and everyone else should forget him and move on. It may help the world?
As usual, I found some great mishegoss stories that I don’t believe anyone is checking out except for me and everyone here. See you’re ahead of the game. Not bad, right?
These stories cover a broad range of topics as usual in trying to keep you up to date on stuff I feel you should see. Of course, I could be wrong, and I am counting on you to let me know what else I should cover in the future. Hit me up at

In Celebration of Women Today:
New Words: Intersectionality | Merriam-Webster
Top 10 Tips To Take Your Brand From Good To Great — YFS Magazine: Startups, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Culture
Be Independent!
Be Independent!
Harness Your Entrepreneurial Fear And Use It To Win — YFS Magazine: Startups, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Culture
In Austin
    Nurturing Austin’s tech startups is a community affair | The Seattle Times
In Japan
New Radiation Readings in Fukushima Reactor 2 Are 'Unimaginable,' Lethal in 1 Min. - EnviroNews | The Environmental News Specialists
About Time!
New Eco-Friendly, Renewable Tires Stretch the Boundaries of Rubber Production
Closing Thoughts!
Years ago I met Yogi Berra through my Uncle who was a huge Yankees fan. I happen to be a Red Sox Fan and always will be. 
Back to Yogi. The background on the quote I want to leave you with goes like this.
A visitor to his house was asking Yogi for directions to his house. Yogi told him, “to take a turn and when he came to the fork in the road, take it.” See the point of this was which ever way you went the both forks led to his front door. 
Later he said the same thing at a college commencement and then he told me that when I met him and asked for some advice.
He looked at me and said, “when it comes to life think when you come to a fork in the road take it!”
So how many forks in the road have you taken? 
You can let me know at
See ya Sunday,
Mark & Patti
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Mark & Patti Clifford

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