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It's All Mishegoss - Summer Solstice #99

We're back and we have some great and dare we say interesting articles for your Tuesday? First, we wa
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Summer Solstice #99
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #99 • View online
We’re back and we have some great and dare we say interesting articles for your Tuesday?
First, we want to welcome you to the longest day of the year, Tuesday, June 20, 2017. Summer Solstice is here and in Fresno where we live it’s going to be 110 degrees. The HEAT is on!
Do you know what those string on a banana are called? We didn’t either till we read the article we posted about that. It’s the first post after our special post about Summer Solstice. You can thank us later for this little tidbit of knowledge.
Do you love to travel? We do. Not that we get a lot of opportunity to travel as much as we would like to so we live through others. We enjoy hearing from our friends when they are on trips. As much as we would rather travel also, the fact that we live through their posts on social media is enjoyable right now. One day though it maybe them reading our travel post.
With the thought of travel now in your mind, have you ever thought about taking a cruise around the world in a canoe? Most likely not, but we have a post fro you about some people who did just that! Maybe that’s our or yours next trip? Only time will tell.
Did you know you have 25,000 morning to wake up too in your adult life? We didn’t, but now we and you know about it and we better not waste those mornings. Mornings amazing aren’t they?
It’s the Summer of Love. Remember 50 years ago the Summer of love then? We included one story about it and another about Jimi Hendrix! Well it’s the 50th anniversary, and it’s time to celebrate it once again. Whether you’re in San Francisco. Monterey or wherever you are now, it’s time to celebrate LOVE!
Have a great Solstice and see you tomorrow!
Mark & Patti

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