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It's All Mishegoss - Sunday #126

What's The Problem With Newsletters? The great thing about newsletters is for a publisher like us we
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Sunday #126
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #126 • View online
What’s The Problem With Newsletters?
The great thing about newsletters is for a publisher like us we get to produce what we hope is great content you want to read and it gets to you via your inbox. It isn’t published on a blog where we hope you read it. If you’re reading our newsletter it’s because you subscribed and want our content in from of you. It’s a win. 
But, yes there’s a but…
The problem with newsletters is simple in a way. Most people shy away from signing up for a newsletter because they figure it’s a good bet someone is selling something either now or in the future. It may be the publisher pushing his or her own products or services or maybe the sponsor of the newsletter trying to get reader to click on their icon.
It’s simple for the publisher of a newsletter to decide if their newsletter is published to make money or to build readership. You can do both, but which one will sustain the test of time? If a newsletter is published to educate, inform, and entertain without asking for money wouldn’t that newsletter do well in sign-ups?
Then there’s the option for a publisher to charge for the newsletter itself which if they are providing news, educational, imformational, and entertaining articles that could be justified, right? The other side of the coin is the newsletter that does all of that, charges for itself and also attempts to sell you products or services of the publisher or a sponsor.
It all boils down to the publisher and the reader. You have the option to subscribe or not. What hurts the publisher that is only out to inform and provide more is that many times we don’t get the chance to be delivered to your inbox due to the other newsletters out there that want more.
We want you. We want you to read our newsletter and listen to our podcasts. We haven’t been offered sponsorship yet and to be honest we don’t think we would want it unless we could be guaranteed they wouldn’t hound our readers and we don’t think anyone can guarantee that.
Would we like to make money? Who wouldn’t? Do we want to make money at the loss of readers and listeners? No! There is no way we want to lose you for money.
If there comes a day, we see the need to monetize or push a product or service you will be consulted ahead of time. That we promise.
Politics & A Huge No-No
With that thought in mind when we started this newsletter we stated we wouldn’t cover politics as much as it is fun and there is so much going on we have worked to not cover any of it. We goofed we’re sorry to say. In issue 121 and 121 we covered a few topics that in their story which was important related to politics. We didn’t plan on it. The story was important not the politics. We didn’t set out to do that. To be honest, Mark didn’t attemptsfully read the article. The story was so important he didn’t only see the political part of the story. He went with the fact that the story was important enough to cover. We’re sorry if we upset some of you. We know we did from some of the comments written to us. It wasn’t done intentional. We, Mark will be more careful in the future.
The one thing you need to know though is there are so many stories of important that now have political overtones and it’s hard to turn them down when the gist of the story is important. It makes it hard to decide whether to cover a story or not. We will do our best from this point on to pay attention to the political parts of a story and advise you ahead of time it may contain politics. We hope this works for you?
You always have the option of un-subscribing if we fail to accomplish this and we would completely understand. We don’t want to deliver to you something you don’t want.
Mark & Patti
P.S. Enjoy Sunday’s read!

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Watch: Rare Event: Psychoactive San Pedro Cactus Flower Blooming (Awesome Time-lapse) - YouTube
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Mark & Patti Clifford

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