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It's All Mishegoss - Sunday #74

Hey, it's Sunday, and it's time for another edition of It's All Mishegoss. I was thinking about optim
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Sunday #74
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #74 • View online
Hey, it’s Sunday, and it’s time for another edition of It’s All Mishegoss.
I was thinking about optimism a lot today. I’ve always considered myself to be an optimist in dealings in life, business, and other matters. I try hard not to let pessimism get in the way, but sometimes it’s others that help you to think about the pessimist side of life.
Your biggest choices in life that affect life are optimism and pessimism. 
Which one is the right choice becomes the question of the day? There is no right or wrong choice in this matter. The optimist and pessimist are both correct. Weird, right? It depends on what you want for an outcome.
I have never been one to let pessimism get in my way of making decisions. I have been an optimist for 99% of my life in everything. I have made some decisions I may have regretted a decision I made later, but at the time the optimist inside of me said go with it.
If you let pessimism run your life your choices are stifled as I see it. Not that I am an expert in this field, far from it, but I do know some things about optimism and pessimism and living a life either way. I spent some years living with people who were both and analyzing their lives. This wasn’t an experiment or scientific study. This was just me listening to others talk about their lives and choices and where they ended up based on those choices.
In business, there are pessimists and optimists involved in every decision made. You could go banana’s listening to both sides when you are trying to make a decision. In many cases, both sides make strong arguments for their optimism or pessimism, but in the end, it’s what you believe in that forms your answer.
It isn’t just business either. You can see it in politics and life in general.
When you come down to it no matter where you turn you are faced with either an optimist or pessimist in your path. The path you choose to take is up to you. Most people take the easiest fork in the road. It works and it usually doesn’t cost much.
But there is an alternative to all of this. Yogi Berra the former catcher for the New York Yankee’s once said, “When you come to the fork in the road, take it.”
I say take the fork and go for the ride. Stay optimistic throughout life and enjoy that ride also.
See you Wednesday,
Mark & Patti

Today's Stuff:
I only posted two stories and one post of mine today since I took a great deal of time ranting above. I figured if you took the time to read the post above and did any thinking about it, you may not be in the mood for a bunch of stories to read afterward? Besides I can post more stuff on Wednesday. 
It’s Sunday and you need a little break anyway, right?
What I Wrote This Week:
I wrote this post this past week on my publication on Medium, The Life of Papa. It isn’t directly about optimism, but the content of the post is all optimistic if you ask me? Anyway, check it out and I would enjoy reading your comments.
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In Closing...
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