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It's All Mishegoss - Sunday #78

Another Sunday! What do you have going on today? We have a birthday. Our grandson Nolan turns 6 today
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Sunday #78
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #78 • View online
Another Sunday! What do you have going on today? We have a birthday. Our grandson Nolan turns 6 today. 
Big things happening at Casa Clifford.
This week I reflected on my old days while in college and early years in business. At that time smoking pot was not looked upon as it is now. We had to hide everything including trying to find a place to smoke a little.
I remember in college we thought it was so cool to grow plants, groom them and then smoke the results. It still is only now it is as illegal as it was back then.
4/20 happened the other day, and the partying was going on strong here in California as it was in many places. I wonder how many of us old folk took advantage of that day to remember the old days by smoking a little. Even one toke would bring back thoughts.
So in honor of 4/20, we covered stories we found interesting and hope you get a few memories to enjoy. Along with those stories, we concentrated on millennials a little since they make up the majority of the current pot community.
Unicorns are alive and well at Starbucks, but they are tough to find around here in Fresno. Have you tried one yet?
This week in The Mishegoss Files we covered stories concerning the top 25 places to live where your paycheck goes the furthest. Then CVS goes healthy by ridding their stores of the candy area, God forbid!
Do you eat at your desk at work? Have you had issues with cubemates or co-workers about what you’re eating? It happens now and then. We got you covered with a story about that.
Finally, we let you know the 23 things you should know about pubic hair. Not publicpubic. You read it right.
Hey, we at The Mishegoss Files want you to be informed!
So go about your Sunday and enjoy and remember Monday is tomorrow, but it’s just another day. Take it in stride.
Mark & Patti

A 61-year-old British guy tried the Starbucks unicorn frappuccino. Here’s the review.
Millennials differ from other generations in almost every regard. Here's the data
What happens if you smoke marijuana every day?
The real reason we associate 420 with weed
The Mishegoss Files
25 Cities Where Your Paycheck Stretches The Farthest | Forbes
Goodbye, candy counter: CVS embraces store redesign
Eating at your desk? Your cubemates may be seething
23 Things You Should Know About Pubic Hair
Did you enjoy this issue?
Mark & Patti Clifford

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