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It's All Mishegoss - Sunday #86

I can't believe we are already into a new week? This past week has been busy both online and here at
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Sunday #86
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #86 • View online
I can’t believe we are already into a new week? This past week has been busy both online and here at home which helped to get us to Sunday quickly.
Before I get into a few things I wanted to tell you about a title change to the main section of the newsletter. I’ve played around with titles and I believe this one “The Other Stories” fits the best. How about you? Do you agree? If so hit the thumbs up below or if not the thumbs down. I do care!
There is so much crap going on in politics that I have decided to start a new newsletter based on an idea I had for a podcast. I may still do the podcast, but for right now here’s the concept.
Stories from Inside will be a newsletter about prison. People there, people who have been there and people who may be going there. These people include politicians (get the idea of who’s going), celebrities, business people, and sports figures.
Along with posts from the news on the present, former, and potentially future residents of our prison system I will give you some highlights that I know of about the system that these individuals are either dealing with or going to deal with in the future or have dealt with in the past. From that point on who knows where it will go?
I hope you will check it out when I get it up and running which hopefully will be later this week of no later than the first week in June. I don’t want to miss out on news.
Being Sunday I found some interesting stories that I truly believe you haven’t seen in the news. Like the little video on the Puget Sound King Crab. Don’t miss this excellent short video.
Then there the artist who left 15,000 coins on the street and her live tweets about the people who found them. Interesting take on social behavior.
Then there’s the apology from the co-founder of Twitter, Ev Williams on helping a President get into office. Extremely interesting.
Then I found some environmental issues as always, an issue about spy sources for the CIA in China, an interesting story about Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show, and a Dad who strives to pay for lunch for kids, all inside the sections The Mishegoss Files and Life.
So kick back on this Sunday and enjoy the read.
See you Wednesday!
Mark & Patti

The Other Stories
China jailed, killed at least 18 CIA sources over two years: report | TheHill
Twitter co-founder: 'Very bad' if Twitter helped make Trump president | TheHill
  We can’t decide what we want from Jimmy Fallon — neither can he -
'Lunch shaming' inspires dad to pay off $21K school lunch debt
The Mishegoss Files
Under the Dock: Puget Sound King Crab | Hakai Institute
Artist Leaves 15,000 Coins On Street And Live-Tweets People's Reactions | HuffPost
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Mark & Patti Clifford

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