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It's All Mishegoss - Sunday #88

Hey Everyone! How's the Memorial Day Weekend going so far? Hope it was a great week and you're having
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Sunday #88
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #88 • View online
Hey Everyone! How’s the Memorial Day Weekend going so far? Hope it was a great week and you’re having a great weekend?
This week has been anything but boring. With politics taking center stage as usual in our world and us coming up with some new ideas about this newsletter and our podcast we’ve been jumping through hoops. All of this leads us to come up with a better way to get you better stories to read and hear about.
We Enjoy Change!
One change coming in June is that this newsletter and our podcast is going daily. We know many of you get swamped with reading newsletter and listening to podcasts and we’re thankful you take the time to read and listen to ours. We’ve tried going daily before and it seemed to work. Then we went back to twice a week which is where we’re at now. To us it isn’t enough to get you the information that’s out there at least as far as we see. Hopefully, you’ll agree with this thinking.
So we will test the waters out there once again with a daily Monday - Friday newsletter and podcast. We never tried a daily podcast (Mon-Fri, with a wrap up on Sunday), but we have great ideas on how to make that work. Keeping the podcast short and to the point is key. With that in mind the podcast will run 12 ot 15 minutes. Short, sweet, and informative.
We’re going to make each day a different topic for the podcast. Topics like life, health, parenting, tech, business, and politics we’re just not sure which days are which. We will keep parenting on Wednesday’s since that’s the day for The Life of Papa podcast. We believe The Life of Papa is like parenting?
The goal as of today is to kick all of this off June 5th. Can we do it? Let’s keep our finger crossed. We think we can make this happen and we hope you guys will keep supporting us both here on the newsletter and on the podcast. If you’re not listening to the podcast yet, you should. Just go to It’s All Mishegoss or to iTunes, Google Play, or any other podcast platform you like and type in It’s All Mishegoss. We’re on most of them. If we aren’t on your favorite platform let them know you want us.
We’ll let you get back to your Memorial Day now and see you again on Wednesday.
Be Well,
Mark & Patti

The Other Stories
Besides space and space exploration today in The Other Stories I couldn’t resist the story about Oprah and her making some black women graduations magical by showing up! All great stories to check out today.
Jupiter: First results from NASA's Juno mission -
Thinking abou taking the bus cross country? I’ve done it a few times and I wish I had read this article before I did. Check out How to Survive a Long Haul Bus Ride. Then read about the 7 most common injuries Doctors see on a weekend. Finally read about tsome Military Vets who are making a difference on terror.
The Mishegoss Files
Imagine tackling crossing the Atlantic at the age of 70.  Aleksander Doba has decided to do it again. He’s done it before so why not? Read this inspiring story and then buyt a kayak! Or you could read and watch the video of orca’s in Montery California attacking a blue (they said gray originally) whale and it’s calf recently. I watched the video and it wasn’t a pretty site. Wonder if Alex watched it before he left?
Meet the 70-year-old man who is crossing the Atlantic in a kayak
Did you enjoy this issue?
Mark & Patti Clifford

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