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It's All Mishegoss - Sunday #90

Good Morning Everyone! If everything went well, I am not sitting at a coffee shop in Cayucos, Califor
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Sunday #90
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #90 • View online
Good Morning Everyone!
If everything went well, I am not sitting at a coffee shop in Cayucos, California (check out the link. I think you’ll want to be there with us?). This is our go to spot for rest, fun, food, and shopping. I mean what’s a day trip without a little shopping and great food, right?
It was a rough week wasn’t it? I don’t just mean politics either. There was so much going on around this world of ours that a lot of stories were missed or sidestepped for the more important and eye-catching headlines stuff. Did you ever hear the song by Don Henley from the Eagles, Dirty Laundry, this was the week for that.
Well, I think we found other stories you may enjoy and they’ll take your mind off the week that was at least for today. We’re going into this coming week with more politics, violence, and other issues coming up so today is all about The Other Stories, Life, and The Mishegoss Files. You’ll need them to get through this coming week.
I will leave you here so you can get going on our stories today. Besides, I need to get ready for our trip. We’re leaving tomorrow, Sunday morning early and we’ll return Monday afternoon. It may only be a day, but that day will be like years right now. Can’t wait. I’ll fill you in on the details Tuesday.
Oh yeah, don’t forget we’re starting the new schedule this week. We will publish the newsletter on Tuesday (new and inviting), Wednesday (nothing new), Thursday (new and exciting), and then Sunday (nothing new there either).
Have a great rest today and see you Tuesday!
Mark & Patti
By the way, looking for great reading? Then check out my friend Kevin Saitta’s website Written Tales!

The Other Stories
The Mishegoss Files
Need Some GREAT Reading For Sunday?
Written Tales – Medium
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