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It's All Mishegoss - Thursday #125

It's time for another weekend and our final newsletter of the week. When we get to our Thursday editi
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Thursday #125
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #125 • View online
It’s time for another weekend and our final newsletter of the week. When we get to our Thursday edition, we know our weekend is upon us and we make plans. How about you? Are you planning anything special this weekend? Let us know by clicking the thumb’s up and commenting.
For our grandkids school begins around the 14th of August and then Mark’s  career of homeschooling begins again with our grandkids entering 3rd and 1st grades. The joys of school are here.
We hate to bring this word up again “CHANGES”, but you know we like to change and here we change again. This time it’s with the newsletter. We’ve been playing with the number of stories for you to check out and we’ve gone from 10 or 11 down to 5 and 6 like this week. We haven’t seen a dramatic increase or decline in clicks so we are at the crossroads of decisions and we’d like your help.
We’re thinking of going back to once a week with 5 or 6 stories that we could add more commenting on. We’ve refrained from posting our own comments due to the amount of articles we post. If we went to 5 or 6 posts, we would be inclined to comment more about the story with our own opinions. Then again, you may not like our opinions but isn’t that what it’s all about?
We could stay with 4 days a week with less stories ( 5-6) and comments, but we’re not sure if the 4 day a week publishing schedule is what you want? We’re guessing at this right now. We enjoy publishing this newsletter and we have plans for a new one coming in the fall that covers more personal adventures, but for now this is it and we want it the best for you.
So if you wouldn’t mind take a minute and comment below by clicking on the thumb, either up or down, we can take it. Then tell us what you want. We’ll listen and even respond. Promise!
Mark & Patti

Something I Finally Wrote!
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Protect Journalists!
The US Press Freedom Tracker Follows Abuses of Journalists To Help Stop Them | WIRED
A Case Not To Help!
Italy: Navy Support for Libya May Endanger Migrants | Human Rights Watch
There Isn't Global Warming, Right?
Scientists Say Much Of South Asia Could Be Too Hot To Live In By 2100 | HuffPost
No Safe Place To Tan or Land
Plane crash-lands on packed Portuguese beach, kills sunbathing man and child | KMPH
Enjoy My Hometown.
If you want some hidden gems of Boston, like food places, especially Italian or maybe some underground clubs click on the thumbs up below and I’ll reply.
10 things to go see around Boston this August
Today's Mishegoss Files
Kidd Creole charged in fatal stabbing of homeless man in Midtown - NY Daily News
Did you enjoy this issue?
Mark & Patti Clifford

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