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It's All Mishegoss - Tuesday #119

Welcome back. How was the weekend? How about your Monday? Did you survive the dreaded Monday blues? W
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Tuesday #119
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #119 • View online
Welcome back. How was the weekend? How about your Monday? Did you survive the dreaded Monday blues? We did and we’re on to a new week and new stories.
Like, the story about Tom Jones (remember him from the day?) and Janis Joplin (how about her?) dancing? Yup, you read that right dancing. Teaser alert, they’re good and we have video to prove it. While it isn’t the top story of the day, which honor fell to Brown University for finding more water on the moon then we thought, it is still the highlight of our day.
Now that Brown has evidence of more water on the moon Silicon Valley has more evidence of a sexist culture going on out there. How many more VC’s and Silicon Valley types will have their covers pulled for being sexist? It’s worse than Wall Street was years ago.
New and old redacted information from the asasination of President Kennedy has been released in time for the 50th anniversary of his assassination. We don’t know what more can be told, but we know Robert Kennedy Jr. was in Dallas the other night to talk about what his Dad had to say after the assassination and his own personal thoughts on that day in Dallas.
Before we get too boring, we wanted to let you know we found Santa Claus right here in the good ole’ USA. You bet right there in Indiana. At of all places Lake Rudolph in Santa Claus, IN. Imagine that all of this time we thought he was up in the snow country.
Twitter is in the news about policing the twitter waves. Don’t know if you have seen a difference yet, we’re still looking and checking it out daily.
But, if you’re looking to buy a home there is a few new startups to help you do that. You’ll have to read more into it and figure out which is right for you, but hopefully boring,they can help you out. As always we don’t endorse these startups or apps. We’re just here to pass along some ideas that may or may not work.
Have you made any changes since our last newsletter? We wrote a little about changes and we’re just following up on that topic. We would enjoy hearing changes made and how they have either helped or not helped you in your work and life.
Have a great Tuesday and see you Tomorrow!
Mark & Patti

The Moon Has It!
Moon's interior may contain water, Brown University scientists say -
Say It Ain't so!
Growing chorus denounces sexist Silicon Valley culture
This Should Start More Talk!
CIA and FBI documents on investigation into Kennedy assassination are released - ABC News
The Nuclear War & Our Future
Why Nuclear Nations Want To Keep Their Warheads In Their Silos
What Would You Say?
San Diego teacher refuses to answer Border Patrol questions at checkpoint - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Statins In the News
Pardon Our Interruption
Are You Looking To Buy A Home?
5 Startups Changing How Americans Buy Their First Home
Do You Notice Changes On Twitter?
Twitter says it’s punishing 10 times more users for being abusive than it was a year ago - Recode
Looking For Santa Claus? He's Right Here!
We are at Lake Rudolph Campground | Santa Claus, Indiana
On A Dancing Note & In Closing
You Ever Seen Janis Joplin and Tom Jones Dance? - I Love Classic Rock
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Mark & Patti Clifford

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