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It's All Mishegoss - Tuesday #127

A Little Background... Here we are again kicking off a new week. In a little over a week from now I'l
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Tuesday #127
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #127 • View online
A Little Background…
Here we are again kicking off a new week. In a little over a week from now I’ll be back to my other career teaching. That’s correct I’m a stay-at-home Papa who happens to also teach our grandkids along with the parents. We have four grandkids all together, but only three are in school right now. Thank God. Two are just starting the first grade and the oldest is going into third grade. While it is sometimes tough to get all three working on their homework phone,right now while school isn’t in sessions they all want to learn, even the youngest who is 2 ½. Amazing. Hope it continues when school starts.
The Meat and Potatoes of Stuff
What this is all leading up to is an idea we have about this newsletter and our podcast. Have you heard of pop-ups? You know like the pop-ups bands do or restaurants do in an area to bring interest or new customers? Well, we’ve been toying with the idea of newsletter and podcast pop-ups online. In simple terms, we’re thinking no schedule could be a good thing? We’re not positive about this, but it tends to lead to some great surprises for readers and listeners.
For one there would be no spamming. We aren’t thinking about this so we can flood your in-box with newsletters daily or more than once a day. Although we may post two newsletters in a day and then none till we find something worthwhile. The idea being why just post to post? Why not post when there is something important? That could be every minute lately, but we’re talking about the stories in-boxwe cover. We don’t post stuff stuffyou can find daily or every second on Twitter.
As you know we post the stuff most people don’t read or find in their news feed. Not that it’s not important, but it isn’t a breaking story sometimes nor is it a highlighted story of the day. Many times the stories we find are hidden in the news because they aren’t what sells the news. It’s not “dirty laundry” as the saying goes.
We think the other way. We are not here to air everyone’s “dirty laundry.” We have enough laundry to deal with between us, our son, and the cleaning business we won. Only kidding. The thing is “dirty laundry is for the news people. The information junkies that thrive on that. Nothing is wrong with that, we don’t cover it. We cover, we wouldn’t call it "clean laundry”, but maybe “thriving laundry?” Yup! that sounds good, “thriving laundry.”
Get Anchor & The Podcast
In the next few weeks we will test our idea of pop-ups with this newsletter and our podcast, It’s All Mishegoss, which is now on the iOS and Android app Anchor and it’s still on iTunes, Google Play, and other podcasts platforms for you to listen in on.
We’re looking for you our readers and listeners to comment back and let us know if you like the new plan. If not we can change back. You know how much as like to change. It should be our middle name for this newsletter and podcast. Change is our mantra.
If you download the Anchor app for your phone, you will be able to comment directly to the podcast. See, Anchor offers a unique experience for both he publisher and listener. You can comment after we post the podcast and let us know your thoughts and we can answer back. Something we couldn’t do before. We think you’ll like the interaction. We do already.
Have a great Tuesday and see you tomorrow!
Mark & Patti

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