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It's All Mishegoss - Tuesday #95

It's only Tuesday and there are loads of things going on today in the world. Hearings in Congress. He
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Tuesday #95
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #95 • View online
It’s only Tuesday and there are loads of things going on today in the world.
Hearings in Congress. Health summits here and there on the web. CEO’s taking leaves of absences and I’m sure much more.
Sunday we wrote about lifestyles and making changes and how those changes can affect you. We also wrote about change and how once in a while change is good. You need to embrace change and move forward.
Today we’re writing about listening. Not that we think you didn’t listen to us the other day, far from it. We’re talking about listening as a habit. Ask yourself these questions. Do you listen well? Do you like to listen more than talk? Do you talk more than listen?
Let’s be honest here, most individuals enjoy talking more than listening. Take some of these motivational speakers out there. Do you talk,think they listen more than they talk? I can name a few that have never thought of listening to their audience because if they did they wouldn’t be saying some of the things they are saying out there.
Check out videos in the next few days and listen to what these men and women have to say. We’re not saying they have nothing good to talk about, but do they listen to their audience? Do they even ask their audience to take part? Few do.
And that’s the rub. If you can talk, then you can listen. If you feel the need or want to talk, then you need to feel the need or want to listen. If you’re going to get up on a podium and talk about social media, life, or any other topic to an audience you also need to listen to that audience and hear what they are saying.
Listening is one of the lost skills in our world. More people want to hear themselves talk then taking the time to listen to others. Listening is an art. Being a great or even a good listener takes time and lots of practice. It isn’t something that one day voilá you’re a great listener. Listening takes time. Listening takes practice. Most of all it takes the need and want to learn more. It takes the inquisitiveness to learn more. It takes the desire to be a better listener than speaker knowing you become a better speaker by listening.
The skill and or habit of listening is getting lost more and more on a daily basis. It’s all about talking over people. It’s about being the center of attention. What if we told you that sometimes being the center of attention is more about listening than speaking! Would you believe us?
What if we told you you will be respected more in the world you live in if you were a better listener than speaker? WHat if we told you that people will respect you more if you listen more and speak less?
                       What if?                     Listen   
Mark & Patti

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Mark & Patti Clifford

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