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It's All Mishegoss - Wednesday #128

Let's get this day started! We wrote the other day about the state of newsletters and subscriptions a
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Wednesday #128
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #128 • View online
Let’s get this day started!
We wrote the other day about the state of newsletters and subscriptions as we see it right now. Not that we’re against newsletters selling stuff or their sponsors trying to seel readers their wares, but wouldn’t it be nice to get newsletters that just do that, give you the news?
Granted, everyone has to eat, but there are better ways to serve the readers/followers of newsletters in this day and age. At least we think there is. How to do it and still make money to survive is what needs to be worked out. The simplest is to get sponsors to just post ads about their products without solicitation or click bait.
Place an ad here and there in the newsletter, but don’t let those ads be clickable? We know what you’re thinking, what company wants to do that? We in-boxagree. Imagine though if you could convince a sponsor that good will is better in the long run.
It’s a tough sell for publishers especially if the publisher is promoting their own services and products. Many newsletters are a direct way for a company or person to promote and sell their services and products that that is a fact of life and business. Getting their newsletter into your in-box is fantastic for them. It provides a captive audience. It works!
What does that do for the non-promotional newsletters out there and their subscriptions? It tends as we stated before to make people shy away from subscribing to the newsletters that don’t see or promote. To quote a recent subscriber to our newsletter, “I’m afraid to subscribe to another newsletter. The ones I have now sell, sell, and sell. I don’t want more of that.”
It took convincing to get that person to believe in our newsletter. They tried it for a few weeks and found out we don’t promote. We don’t sell. We provide stories for you to read. Bingo, she subscribed and brought two friends aboard. Missions accomplished.
So there are future subscribers out there for newsletter like our and others, don’t fret. It may take time for subscribers ot realize that all newsletter are not created equal. There is a bunch of us out there just trying to do good and that’s what’s needed.
Have a great Wednesday and check out the video at the end of the newsletter. It’s worth a laugh in this Hump Day!
Mark & Patti

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