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It's All Mishegoss-Wednesday-#73

It's Wednesday again. Mid-week and that much closer to the weekend. This Sunday is Palm Sunday if you
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss-Wednesday-#73
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #73 • View online
It’s Wednesday again. Mid-week and that much closer to the weekend. This Sunday is Palm Sunday if you didn’t remember meaning Easter Sunday os next week. Are you prepared?
Do you have special plans for Easter? Plans like going out to Sunday Easter breakfast or maybe lunch? Maybe it’s going to Easter Sunday Service as a family and then getting together with the family to eat and enjoy?
Whatever your plans I hope they are fantastic and you have a wonderful Easter Sunday. I know I’m a week early, but just in the event, I forget next week. One can’t be too careful!
By now I’m sure you all have heard about the terror in Syria. Chemical weapons are scary if you ask me. Nothing you can see or hear, just feel and then it’s usually too late. Nothing could be worse as I see it.
As of right now, I am at a loss for how I should feel. I’m upset and sad at the same time as well as fearful that this could become something that happens in the United States with everything else going on. Events like this tragedy in Syria makes it that much harder to sleep and feel safe in our world today.
I looked around for news that would help take our minds off what is going on in the world this week, and I hope I did a good job for you curating stories this week. As always they are stories that cover the spectrum of news.
From a rhino release going bad to women making less money than men in the tech world. Then you ca not only read about learning as an adult but also find out about the new app from Microsoft that suggests captions for your photos using AI (artificial intelligence).
Last but not least The Mishegoss Files is chock full of some great content that I feel you should check out while here. You may find something interesting like the rhino story or maybe it’s the human chatbot Nadia?
I hope you find some of the content posted here today enjoyable and worth the read and share to others? If not let me know what I need to find for you, I’m always looking for new ideas. Just email me at
Have a great week and see you Sunday!
Mark & Patti

When Does The Terror End?
Syria: Suspected gas attack reportedly kills dozens -
When Will Women Be Accepted As Equals?
Women In Tech Make 4 Percent Less Than Men In The Same Job | Digital Trends
Soon An App To Suggest/Take Photos?
Sprinkles is a New App that Uses AI to Suggest Captions | Digital Trends
Don't You Do This Anyway?
Get a second opinion—doctors usually aren’t right the first time — Quartz
Adult Learning
'Learn Better' Book Shows How to Learn New Things - The Atlantic
What I Wrote This Week
I’m sure you know by now, but in case you don’t, I have three publication on the blogging platform Medium as well as a website on Wordpress for my Podcast It’s All Mishegoss.
I’d like to invite you to follow them if you haven’t already and enjoy some of the stuff that’s posted on there. Thanks.
Things Are Okay! It’s Been A While – The Life of Papa
We Did It! The Pizza Oven Worked – Imperfect Recipes of the World – Medium
The Mishegoss Files
37 Rules all Men Must Know - OkShark.Com
Meet Nadia, the scarily ‘human’ chatbot who can read your emotions
Rhino release turns scary
Experience the Collection — Central Intelligence Agency
In Closing...
What We Desperately Need!
U2 - Beautiful Day - YouTube
Did you enjoy this issue?
Mark & Patti Clifford

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