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It's All Mishegoss - Wednesday #81

Welcome to, ah you know what day it is so let's just get right into things. I read yesterday that a l
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Wednesday #81
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #81 • View online
Welcome to, ah you know what day it is so let’s just get right into things.
I read yesterday that a local musician that I met at the age of 13 had died right here in Fresno. I didn’t know he was born here and lived here. then again why would I?
I have to confess I played the accordion when I was younger and was quite good. My instructor knew Dick Contino (misspelled in the title) very well and when Mr. Contino came to town my instructor arranged for me and Mr. Contino to do a duet at a local concert. Greatest night of my teenage life!
RIP Mr. Contino. I will always remember the song we played together, Lady of Spain! Thanks for the memories.
Go Yale and Women entrepreneurs. You rock! While $100,00 isn’t a huge amount it’s not a bad start and especially from Yale. Read the entire story below.
You know the term “Cash Cow”, well are next story takes that term to an entirely new meaning and financial level. Check out what’s happening in South Africa.
I’m disabled, not in a wheelchair, but I have a rough time with stairs. When I lived in New York I never considered the issue of elevators. It never dawned on me since most of the time I saw people in wheelchairs making their way down the stairs with the help of others. Including me a few times. 
Now this story comes out and it totally reminds me of those days and what I didn’t see.
Today in The Mishegoss Files we have cattle being killed by a strike of lightning in the Mid-West during the severe storms they are having.
If you’re into surfing then the next two stories in The Files are definitely worth a read especially if you’re worried about glowing in the dark?
That’s a wrap for this Wednesday. Ooops I forgot you already know the day. Oh well, it’s done already. Enjoy your day and see you Sunday.
Mark & Patti
P.S. Sunday I’m kicking off the return of a recipe a Sunday. So get ready for some great stuff. Till then you can check out some recipes at Imperfect Recipes of the World. Go for it, you know you want too! At least I want you too.

Fresno accordionist Dick Continto gets a New York Times tribute | The Fresno Bee
Women Sweep $100,000 in Startup Prizes at Yale University |
Cash cows: Why investors are buying pregnant cattle  -
A heavy lift to have working elevators in the subway - NY Daily News
The Mishegoss Files
Farmer devastated to discover lightning strike killed 32 of his dairy cows - CBS News
Fukushima's surfers riding on radioactive waves - Al Jazeera English
Surfer Found Alive After 32 Hours at Sea Off Scotland's Coast - NBC News
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Mark & Patti Clifford

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