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It's All Mishegoss - Wednesday #87

Newsletters, newsletters, and more newsletters. What's the deal? As a person into newsletters, I ask
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Wednesday #87
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #87 • View online
Newsletters, newsletters, and more newsletters. What’s the deal?
As a person into newsletters, I ask myself this question with every new newsletter edition I receive on a daily basis.
To me, newsletters are a better way to keep up wth what’s going on in the world. Don’t get me wrong you can read all the news on Twitter and blogs all day long and get the same information, but it’s nice to read others opinions about the goings on in this world.
What I don’t see enough of is the other stories going on. I mean how much of Trump and politics can you handle? How about tech? Don’t you long for other news besides tech and social media stories? What about the other things going on?
That’s what I’m attempting to do with It’s All Mishegoss. Bring you the stories that are otherwise forgotten. Stories that you don’t see on the top of your news feeds. Stuff that to some is important or at least I hope so? It’s a crap shoot and I’m doing my best.
To make it better I am right now, this very minute considering going to a daily format. There are enough unseen stories on the web to keep a newsletter like this going daily. I want to do that!
What I would like to know is will you stay subscribed for a while to see how it goes? I know a daily newsletter flooding your inbox is probably one more thing you don’t want, but I promise to make it worthwhile to hang in there for a while or forever. Well almost forever. 
My goal is to kick off the daily newsletter June 4th. Yup, that’s a Sunday, but I always publish one then so that’s the perfect day to kick off this new idea. If you don’t want to get It’s All Mishegoss daily then as much as I hate to say this now’s the time to unsubscribe. 
I’m not telling you to unsubscribe. Far from it. I don’t want you to leave unless of course, you think a daily newsletter like this one is going to be a bother? 
I would prefer you hang in there and give me a shot to make this a great newsletter that you’ll look forward to reading daily. 
I have a great deal of help with making this newsletter successful. That’s right I may talk about “I”, but it’s a team effort along with Patti my Wife. So you’re getting brains working to get you news that we feel you should know. Not bad, right?
Thanks for listening and here’s today’s stories.
Mark & Patti
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P.P.S. If you could click on either a thumbs up or down below that would be great to let us know how you feel. You can also leave a comment if you want?

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