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It's All Mishegoss - Wednesday #89

Good Morning Everyone! Another Hump Day has arrived. Any big plans for today?  For us we'll be at mee
California Mishegoss
It's All Mishegoss - Wednesday #89
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #89 • View online
Good Morning Everyone! Another Hump Day has arrived. Any big plans for today? 
For us we’ll be at meetings all morning so I am writing this Tuesday evening so I can make sure you get this early on Wednesday.
I wanted to clarify a couple of things since the last newsletter. While we will be going daily with this newsletter starting the 5th of June, daily to us is Monday - Friday. That’s all, folks.
We will continue to do a Sunday newsletter because I find it to be fun and it gets the most clicks. Amazing. I’m the same way though. I love reading newsletters and blogs on Sunday. It’s like reading in the old days.
The podcast will be daily, Monday - Friday with a wrap up on Sunday, maybe? Not sure about the Sunday gig yet?
In the Newsletter:
As always, there are a lot of stories that we sourced out for you this week. We even found a sports story that due to political ties was interesting. We’re Red Sox fans so for us posting about Derek Jeter and the Florida Marlin’s, it’s a big deal, believe me.
Sorry if we overloaded you today with stories, but there were so many stories we found interesting and thought you may like we added almost all of them.
Enjoy your HUMPDAY and see you on Sunday!Ciao,
Mark & Patti

The Other Stories
I never thought there would be a good use for a manado dragon, but as usual I was wrong. Who thought it could be used for superbugs. 
As for Jeb Bush and the Marlins and Derek Jeter, I think it’s a bust. Wall Street gians another pet to go with the bull. 
Then we have more news about laptops and traveling on planes. Nothing we didn’t expect and finally Amazon will refund your money if your kids took advantage of you account. 
I remember Barry Zico when he played for the Oakland “A’s”. He was a round peg in a square hole, but he was fantastic and I enjoyed his pitching. Even though I rooted for the Red Sox. 
Taking kids away from their computer or gaming screen could be bad for their health. Imagine that?
Finally, have you ever had heat stroke? I have and it isn’t fun. You may want to read this article.
The Mishegoss Files
Do you want to be a world leader or dictator? How about own your own country? We have the answer for that right below.
Are you looking to take a very well deserved vacation, but don’t have the funds? Maybe you want to buy a new house or your kid a car? Maybe hold off on the car til they get older, but the house would be cool, right?
Where here’s a way to save some bucks so you can do anything you want.
Plastic in the ocean and on land is a serious problem in the world. It hasn’t stopped even with all of the awareness going on. So maybe this story of a snake will inspire you to stop throwing plastic away?
Did you enjoy this issue?
Mark & Patti Clifford

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