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It's Thursday! Morning Mishegoss Minutes - Issue #21

Good Morning! Did you survive Hump Day? If you're reading this, I reckon you did. I've been reading s
California Mishegoss
It's Thursday! Morning Mishegoss Minutes - Issue #21
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #21 • View online
Good Morning! Did you survive Hump Day? If you’re reading this, I reckon you did.
I’ve been reading some other newsletters on Revue and other platforms to get an idea of what others do for their readers. Let me tell you there are some great newsletters out there. I was a little intimidated, but I am moving on with new ideas.
To help me make some changes as far as publishing goes here is a one question survey for you to answer. Thanks in advance for taking it.
Next survey coming soon will be about content. Working on the questions now so stay tuned.
This week has been pretty average. No real issues except for the ones in politics which I am trying my best to avoid. Too much unhappy news.
Not that news is always happy, but I am doing my best to look for other alternatives to the news that’s been coming out lately. You can get that crap on any newsletter. Agreed?
Here’s a dose of  Thursday stuff for you to check out.
Have a great day as always and again thanks for subscribing and sharing.

Your Quote Of The Day
A One Question Survey To Help Me.
If you have about a minute or two, I would appreciate you answering this one; that’s right one question survey to help me out with this newsletter. Thanks in advance.
Want Some Feel Good To Kick Off Thursday?
Toddler With Missing Limbs Gets 'Magic Legs' in Children's Storybook - Yahoo
Winter Weather
La Niña is here, may last through winter
Some Mishegoss In Lighting
Tiffany Sun Leads The Pack
I just wanted to add a little note to this post. I know Tiffany sun from using her product Rabbut ( It’s great for gathering followers on my Medium publications. It does much more than that, though. Please check it out and let Elmer Fubb (you’ll meet her after you sign up)  know I sent you.
Why I Left My 9–5 Job For A Startup – Startup Grind – Medium
Life Without The iPhone?
Apple's Jony Ive says the iPhone almost didn't happen - CNET
This is Iceland!
Like Comedy? Here's a few for you.
Have You Been To ER Lately? Better Check Your Bill
Surprise Medical Bills Found in 22 Percent of ER Visits - NBC News
I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has subscribed so far. It’s a small group, but very supportive and that’s more than I can ask for. 

The newsletter is still new and will get better as it grows. How do I know that? Because I grow every day that I publish this newsletter so it only stands to reason that the newsletter will grow also.  Right?

Be Well
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Mark & Patti Clifford

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