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Minutes of Mishegoss in the Morning - Issue #5

TGIF! Do you agree? I know about right now I am happy Friday is here. Saturday is looking good for a
California Mishegoss
Minutes of Mishegoss in the Morning - Issue #5
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #5 • View online
TGIF! Do you agree? I know about right now I am happy Friday is here. Saturday is looking good for a trip locally or maybe out of town?
How about you. Any weekend plans? Anything going on we should know about in your neck of the woods that might interest others?
I thought about creating a section for listing events going on geographically. Of course, this could be tough since I can’t list everything going on in this world, but a few things would be cool don’t you think? Especially if it’s something big or small, who cares?
Send in your events to me at (Attn.) Events and I will do what I can. 

Vine is Going Away?
Seems Twitter may be getting out of the video game so to speak by eliminating their own video app. Here is more informaiton.
Important News about Vine – Medium
A Pickup from Mercedes?
Are you up for purchasing a Mercedes Pick-Up truck? I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. I really never thought they would get into trucks. Although they do have vans.
The thing is I remember reading about the Lamborghini 4 Wheel Drive vehicle and thought who would want to ride a Lamborghini in the woods, the mud, and whatever else you could drive it through?
Well, here it is.
This is Mercedes-Benz's new premium pick-up truck - The Verge
Want to argue?
Want to argue?
Chili Recipes for Winter
I love Chili! I mean I really love it. I can’t make it for the life of me for some reason. I think the Sicilian in me stops it from happening.
I can make chicken, lentil, pea, and any other soup besides Chili. I love making soup and right now is the right time to stock up. A great bowl of Pasta Fazool (recipe coming) would be perfect right now.
For now here are a few Chili recipes for you. 
Some Chili for the Chills!
The Tom Hayden I Remember
I am not going to write a blog post about Tom Hayden here. I will on Medium soon and will post the link on here.
What I would like to say right now is that when I met Tom Hayden the Vietnam War was going strong. Protesting was a daily thing in the US and I was in High School.
I was mesmerized by him and his thoughts and speeches. His voice boomed out and I never lost my attention nor train of thought. He kept everyone in the room and at different rallies I went to totally interested till the end.
I met him later in life and he was still the same Tom Hayden from the protesting days, only older. We talked about his past and what I remember about him and he was thankful for my words, at least he said that to me. 
Who knows what he thought after I left.
Here is more on the Tom Hayden I knew and respected.

Remembering Tom Hayden | The Nation
Song for the Election?
I was listening to Leonard Cohen and this song this morning and thought a line or two represent the elections this year. 
“The Fight is Fixed”
“The poor stay poor. The rich get rich”
“That’s how it goes” 
Listen to the rest.
Leonard Cohen - Everybody knows (original studio version) - YouTube
Thinking Black Friday?
I hate to be like the retailers who are already advertising Christmas Stuff, but as a big fan of Black Friday I thought it was my duty to get this out to you today. 
So check it out and get some ideas.
7 Black Friday-Worthy Deals
Thank You!
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Mark & Patti Clifford

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