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Minutes of Mishegoss in the Morning - Issue #6

Good Morning! It's Saturday and the start of the weekend for most of us. To the ones who start after
California Mishegoss
Minutes of Mishegoss in the Morning - Issue #6
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #6 • View online
Good Morning! It’s Saturday and the start of the weekend for most of us. To the ones who start after or before, hope you have or had a great weekend.
Now on to more stuff on today’s newsletter.
When I look for content for the newsletter I try to find content that is insane, mad or just good crap. I want you to enjoy the newsletter and come back over and over. Is that asking too much?
For today’s newsletter, I looked for things that fit the definition of mishegoss or close to it. 
Read on McDuff!

The F.B.I. Makes Another Mistake?
I had to add this as a last minute post, but it needs to be first. The F.B.I. is notorious for making mistakes.  Just when you think they are the best they prove you wrong.
The F.B.I. after being involved with them personally will listen to just about anyone with anything if they are looking to get to you. Anyone could make up these emails, and I guarantee the F.B.I. will make it look like they are credible. They are good at some things. Look at Whitey Bulger
So sit tight and see what they make of these emails okay?
Clinton: FBI needs to explain renewed email probe - CBS News
Can You Say SATAN?
When I read the headlines I thought I was reading it wrong. I really wanted thought it should have said Saturn Rocket, but then I remember this isn’t the U.S.A. it’s Russia. It made sense.
What a name to call a rocket. Then again with the destruction, it could do I guess the name is appropriate.
Here is on this might rocket!
Russia unveils 'Satan 2' nuclear missile -
What's Your Excuse?
Are you voting for one of the individuals running for President? IT not what’s your excuse? I’ve been hearing a great deal of people voicing their displeasure with the candidates and stating they won’t vote for either.
That leaves a gaping hole for either of these two candidates and others around the country trying to get in to do just that, GET IN!
Read this and let me know your thoughts!
I’m Not Voting Because the Presidential Candidates Don’t Care About People of Color – Medium
I was praying for rain, but now I'm praying for a GOOD candidate!
I was praying for rain, but now I'm praying for a GOOD candidate!
What? You Don't Believe in Global Warming?
Whether you like Al Gore or not his mission for raising awareness on global warming should be listened to and supported. Definitely supported more than it is now.
What do people feel he is just blowing smoke up everyone’s arse?  He has proven over nad over that it’s real and many of the scientists in this world agree. 
It’s time we embrace this threat to our lives and our world and do more about it. Just read this.
Antarctica’s Ice Shelves Melting Rapidly as Ocean Waters Warm
And if you need more than Al Gore and this article above how about this documentary from Tom Brokaw?

Discovery Channel - Global Warming, What You Need To Know, with Tom Brokaw - YouTube
Finally a Little Leonard for the Weekend!
Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah - YouTube
Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll be back on Monday. I’m taking a break on Sunday.
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Mark & Patti Clifford

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