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Minutes of Mishegoss in the Morning - Issue #8

Good Morning. It is morning, right? Yesterday's newsletter went out late due to technical difficultie
California Mishegoss
Minutes of Mishegoss in the Morning - Issue #8
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #8 • View online
Good Morning. It is morning, right? Yesterday’s newsletter went out late due to technical difficulties, but I wanted to get it out no matter the time. So you’re getting a double header so to speak if you don’t mind.
By the way, it’s Hump Day. So Happy Hump Day!. One lump or two it’s your choice. 
The leading article is the most important piece on the newsletter today, and I ask you to take a few and read this great and informational post from Holly Wood a friend on Medium. 
After reading it if you have any doubts just check out Google or all the latest facts and figures and then sit down and write a letter to your politicians if you are into that. This needs to stop.
Enjoy your Hump Day and if you have the time check out the rest of the newsletter also. It has some good stuff today. A recipe, a post on Matthew Modine and a song to pump up your hump today!

We Suck at Laying Pipe
Let’s face it America; we do suck on laying pipe. To support this statement, there is so much evidence that is available on the internet it is scary.
One of my favorite writers I started following recently on, Medium Holly Wood just wrote a post that covers this exact issue.
Here is just a taste of what you’re in store for from Holly:
 Wherever a pipeline gets installed, our government is letting oil companies play roulette with American lives. Every time one of these things busts open, it risks spilling gas, oil and fucking jet fuel into our own fucking water supply.
So instead of me writing a long and probably boring note I’ll let Holly’s post take center stage now!
Pipelines: Terrorism We Inflict Upon Ourselves – Medium
Recipe for Today
With a newsletter with the name mishegoss didn’t you think I would add recipes to the mix?
This one got to me since I am a fan of artichokes in a red sauce, and this just seemed to make me want soup instead. Never had it this way, but I will attempt to make it this weekend and let you know the outcome.
Don’t hold me to this recipe. I have no idea how it is and as I stated I will make it this weekend. After this one though I will try to make some of the recipes I share prior to sharing them so I can give them a thumbs up or down.
P.S. I have some personal soup recipes coming up this week that includes Chicken, Pea, Pasta Fazool (spelling isn’t exactly correct) and a few others. 

Artichoke Soup – Medium
Remember Matthew Modine ?
He’s still around and kicking at 57 years old living in New York City with his wife nad two kids. He rides a bike most of the time and the LA Times has done a great article on him.
I always liked him especially in the movies Full Metal Jacket, Vision Quest, The Dark Knight, and in And The Band Played On.
There are some others that I will never forget, but if I keep going you will never get to read this article from Roy M. Wallack from the LA Times.

Why actor Matthew Modine apologizes to his toes - LA Times
Who Could Forget This Song From Vision Question?
The image of him coming through the doors to the wrestling mat will be forever implanted in my brain with this song in the background.
Did you enjoy this issue?
Mark & Patti Clifford

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