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Morning Mishegoss Minutes - Issue #17

Good Saturday Morning!  Look it's been a rough week for most of us and still a little tense around th
California Mishegoss
Morning Mishegoss Minutes - Issue #17
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #17 • View online
Good Saturday Morning! 
Look it’s been a rough week for most of us and still a little tense around the nation, but let’s just hope it gets better?
I can’t predict the future of this world under the leadership of a person like Trump and his cronies. I don’t think anyone can. So at this point, we need to watch and see.
I don’t believe we should sit back and do nothing, but I also believe we need to see first what we need to stand up for. Right now everything is just a plan not in action. Once it becomes an action then we can take action.
That’s my take on all of this right now.
As for the weekend, I believe we should enjoy it and cherish every moment we have. Enjoy the weather, the colors, and more importantly spending time with loved ones.
The holidays are coming and that’s the last thing you want right now, disagreements with family members over stupid idiotic things like the elections, Facebook, and other social media platforms. 
Just let it all go and move forward. Things will happen as they should and dealing with life and events in it will be ours to deal with.
Have a great weekend!

Questions About The Weather?
Looking For The Perfect Book For That Reader You Love?
Here it is. 
From the posts of my friend Jonas Ellison’s publication Higher Thoughts on Medium comes the book everyone should have in their home. I mean it!
I’ve been following Jonas for a while now. He isn’t just a great writer. He is a great Dad, husband, person, and mentor/idea guy. I know all of this from reading his posts on Higher Thoughts (as it relates to him as a person, dad, and husband) and as a mentor/idea guy from my own personal interaction with him.
If you don’t use Jonas for some consulting work (which you should0 then at least get the book so you have him around anyway. I promise you will thank me later.
Presenting: Higher Thoughts, the Book – Higher Thoughts – Medium
A Great Voice, Person, and Musician Leaves A Void!
Leonard Cohen at 30 – The Ringer
Picture This...
What Are You Thinking?
What Are You Thinking?
Want To Watch Something Great This Weekend?
Remember Sting?
You know the guy with the funny name with that famous band the Police from years ago? That’s right, him!
Anyway, after he left the Police he did this solo album with some great jazz musicians mixing his music from the Police with these jazz greats. 
It produced a great album and a great video which I find funny, interesting and down right great. It has the perfect mix of music, comedy, insight and honesty you could ever want.
Watch it now!
Sting - Bring On The Night - 1985 (Full Movie) - YouTube
A Great Post From Todd Hannula on Medium
Talk about hitting the nail on the head. Todd get’s right to the point and sets the record straight on everything post election you can and can’t do!
A Public Service Announcement – BullshitIst
Here's My Christmas List For Santa!
In Closing!
I have decided that using social platforms is relatively as hard to work with as the people on them. So I’ve come up with a simple plan.
From this point out I will be concentrating on Twitter, Flipboard, Medium, and Niume to get my posts, newsletters, and podcasts out.
Notice I left Google + and Facebook out of the equation? That’s because G+ is still on the fence as I can see as to what it wants to be. They still have things to work out and once it is done then we will see whether it’s worth the investment. Right now it isn’t.
As for Facebook, I will give you my reason for not using it in one word, DRAMA.

Here are the links to find me and everything I do!

Did you enjoy this issue?
Mark & Patti Clifford

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