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Morning Mishegoss Minutes - Issue #39

Good Day All! Welcome to Friday. The day before the weekend. Payday for many. Happy hour or attitude
California Mishegoss
Morning Mishegoss Minutes - Issue #39
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #39 • View online
Good Day All! Welcome to Friday. The day before the weekend. Payday for many. Happy hour or attitude adjustment hour for others. Whatever it may be glad you made it.
First up some announcements. I’ve made some changes this week as I ponder my thoughts of the other day. I was going to stop posting the newsletter on Medium as well as publishing the letter once  week.
Bah Humbug! It’s better to give than receive, so I am going to continue to post on Medium and hope people subscribe anyway to the newsletter as well as publish a newsletter daily. That’s Monday thru Friday. I am going to take the weekend off for you and me.
One last thing is the timing of publishing of the newsletter. I have been publishing the newsletter in the mornings. I am thinking of posting the newsletter later in the day so I can cover the stories of the day. I think it makes more sense although there is something for getting a newsletter in the morning. That’s my favorite time to get one.
It’s up in the air right now, but I’ll keep you informed on the timing as it happens. I mean I do have that right to change my mind as I feel fit. Then again it can get tiring and stressful for you and me when changes are made. Hang in there. It’s going to be great.
I don’t like posting political things, but there is so much mishegoss right now with politics I can’t resist and to be honest this is the biggest mishegoss story I could find. It’s right below so check it out.
The rest of the newsletter as always is filled with I hope you’ll enjoy reading or checking out throughout your day. Have a great Friday and Weekend and see you all Monday!
As I was getting ready to save and schedule this newsletter for tomorrow the news of John Glenn came over Twitter. We have lost a true American Hero!

RIP. John Glenn. A Real American Hero
John Glenn, First American To Orbit The Earth, Dies At 95 : The Two-Way : NPR
Must Read***Mishegoss In Its Glory!***
Donald Trump TIME Person of the Year: How We Picked
Tech You Should Check Out
This device makes it super easy for thieves to steal your car
Kids, Kids, & More Kids
Healthy Holiday Ideas
From my friend Max Goldberg of LIVINGMAXWELL comes a shopping guide with health products to make you feel, look, and perform better int he new year. 
I know you’re probably thinking New Year resolutions right now, but some advice from me this. Think New Year Revolutions. Don’t go the old fashion way with resolutions. Most don’t keep them anyway.
Think revolution and commitment to the revolution in you.
My Holiday Gift Guide - To Feel Better, Look Better and Perform Better
Wine, Wine, & More Wine
After or Before The Wine?
I saw this graphic and started to think about when I am live these 5 steps to happiness? I kind of thought maybe, most of the time it’s after one, two, or more glasses of wine? Then again it every once in a while it might be before and then the wine intensifies the feeling?
Either or it’s nice to be happy whenever you can. HOw abotu you?
Out With WHAM & In With Taylor!
Taylor Swift - Last Christmas (Lyrics on screen) - YouTube
Take a minute and visualize yourself right there!
Take a minute and visualize yourself right there!
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Mark & Patti Clifford

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