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Naked Surfing, Food, 9-Year-Old Hero, Potheads, & more

It's Thursday, July 5th. How was your 4th of July? In today's issue: Naked SurfingBlack-Owned Coffee
California Mishegoss
Naked Surfing, Food, 9-Year-Old Hero, Potheads, & more
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #192 • View online
It’s Thursday, July 5th. How was your 4th of July?
In today’s issue:
  • Naked Surfing
  • Black-Owned Coffee Shop
  • 9 Year-Old Hero
  • Privacy
  • Fires in Nor-Cal
and more…
Be Well,
Mark & Patti

N, S, E, & W of the Central Valley
Flames once again return to California's wine country
Food, Wine, & Beer
What Are 'Reserve Oysters,' and Why Are Chefs in Love with Them? | Food & Wine
More News From Around the State
Well Hello, Fabio! Hurricane To Make Waves At LA Beaches | Pacific Palisades, CA Patch
Take a Spin at the California Wine Festival  - NBC Bay Area
The Mishegoss Files
This bear in a hot tub drinking a margarita is living a better...
Naked surfing can be an amazing experience
This Day in History
Exploration in 1595
Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeño and his 80-member crew sailed from Philippines for Alta California. He sought a safe harbor for the return trip from China to Mexico. His cargo included porcelain, silk and other luxury items. After four-months at sea, they anchored in a large, sheltered bay, later named Drakes Bay.
Bachar in 2009
John Bachar, 52-year-old free-style rock climber, fell to his death from an eastern Sierra wall near Mammoth Lakes. A fitness fanatic, he created the climbing training device known as the Bachar ladder.  
Bachar solos Leave It To Beaver - YouTube
Bachar solos Leave It To Beaver - YouTube
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