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Our Plans for 2018

Welcome Back and Happy 2018. We hope everyone had a great New Year and you're on your way to an excit
California Mishegoss
Our Plans for 2018
By Mark & Patti Clifford • Issue #162 • View online
Welcome Back and Happy 2018.
We hope everyone had a great New Year and you’re on your way to an exciting, prosperous, and joyous New Year. 
Seems this New Year is already starting out with a bang as it relates to politics and the world and with that thought let’s move on to better things.
We have a great deal in the works for you this year between this newsletter, our podcast, and a brand new website/blog Patti and I are preparing as I type this. Below is an idea of what we have planned for you this year. Check it out!
Healthy Broccoli
Although the title has the word “HEALTH” in it, don’t be fooled. As much as we will write about healthy food (not just broccoli) we will also write about just eating what you want in a good and healthy way. One of our plans is to take a monthly shopping trip with you via video to either a local market or farmer’s market to give you some ideas of how to shop better.We’ll also write about:Food Pricing
  1. Recipes
  2. Kitchen Essentials
  3. Men in the Kitchen
  4. and more…
More on the site in the coming weeks!Have you set goals or resolutions for 2018? 
If you feel like sharing we’d love to hear your. Just leave then in the comment sections.Thanks and have a great week!
Be Well,
Mark & Patti

Coming Soon!
Missed Stories
Yes! We are going to continue to curate stories that we feel are not being seen or deserve more attention. While we are not always picking the best stories we feel the ones we pick are ones that should be read and discovered. 
As always if you have ideas or stories you find that we should post just send them to us at Attn: It’s All Mishegoss. If they are within our guidelines (no politics, religion, sex, and hate) we will post them.
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Of course we’re going to keep this! It goes along with out title and our mission. What’ are mission? Well, along with the above we also like to find stories that are a little out of the ordinary. You know what we mean, right? Kind of insane, and, crazy or downright out of this world nuts. This doesn’t mean the stories are bad either. There is good and bad mishegoss in this world and we’ll try to cover it.
Helpful Tips Plus
Towards the end of 2017 I went on a rant about the lost art of listening. 
Listening skills as far as I am concerned have kind of gotten lost in this age of social media. More people like hearing themselves when they talk than listen to others. 
This especially goes for the guru’s out there speaking about social media and motivation. They all want to be heard, but do they want to hear you?
For 2018 my REVOLUTION is to make listening better. I’ve talked about on tay podcast It’s All Mishegoss and written about it on Medium
We plan to promote the REVOLUTION for LISTENING here, the podcast, and maybe on Medium.
The PLUS in the title refers to giving you tips along the way on breaking habits, living with ADHD, business and being a mentor. Patti and I are mentoring still for Fresno State in their Entrepreneur Program and we may be mentoring at a local high school. We’ll be sharing all of that here.
Personal Happenings
We plan to post more about what we’re up to and doing. Things light the new website/blog, the podcast and our work at Fresno State and a local high school.
Updates on the website/blog, recipes that we are trying, food we’re cooking with pics, and more. We’re still working on the finer details and we’ll keep you updated.
In Closing
We want to thank you for last year and following us along this journey. We made many changes last year as we moved forward and we plan to do the same this year. With your help we can make the changes here you enjoy so keep letting us know your thoughts.
Also thank you for this coming year and your continued support. Without you reading us it just isn’t fun to post. It gives us pride to know you read and enjoy this newsletter.
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Quote of the Week!
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” ―Steve Jobs
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